April Fools Day 2004
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Announcing Shadowrun [D20]!
Where Man Meets Magic & Machine
The year is 2063. Magic is as real as the mean streets of the mega-sprawls. Corporations call the shots while nailing each other through covert operatives in cutthroat competition. Flesh and machine have merged.

Now in the familiar D20 system!!!

Play a street samurai with his smartguns and impossibly fast reflexes, the decker who can plug his own brain into the worldwide computer network, the rigger who links his mind to his vehicle and takes hairpin turns at fantastic speeds, or the mage who slings spells and summon spirits. You may be human, troll, dwarf, ork or elf. You may throw fireballs, pull out your trusty Uzi or slice through computer security with a program as elegant and deadly as a stiletto. You live in a wired world, where corporate skyscrapers glitter over the dark shadows they cast. You live in those shadows. You're a shadowrunner - a street operative. No matter what, you get the job done. You're a shadowrunner - a professional. You don't just survive in the shadows - you thrive there . . . for now.

Shadowrun [D20] is a complete setting guide for gamemasters and players. It contains all the rules needed to create characters and ongoing adventures set in the popular Shadowrun universe, using D20 rules. Shadowrun [D20] contains new skills, new classes and new feats! The only things necessary for play are the Worldıs Most Popular Fantasy Game Players Handbook, some dice and your imagination!!

Coming this GenCon!

And also announcing our first D20 supplement:

The Man-Machine Interface [D20]

This book brings new meaning to cyberpunk fantasy! For the first time, the intimate aspects of the virtual and meat worlds are described in juicy detail, from love and relationships to contraception and cybernetic marital aids. If youıve had questions about sex in Shadowrun, this book will answer them. What happens when a troll sleeps with a dwarf? Can spirits knock you up? Is a dragon in human form circumcised? This book introduces a variety of prestige classes that make use of sex or sexuality, including pimps, simporn stars, bunraku meat puppets, Matrix chickenhawks and elven gigolo. It also includes new spells to lure potential partners or drive away stalkers, new magical traditions based on Tantric sex and Kundalini energy, and implants to boost your characterıs prowess. The exciting worlds of virtual sex, BTL fantasies and "paranatural encounters" are also explored. Including 16-pages of full-color illustrations!

Coming this September!

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