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Cannon Companion
Version 1.0
Date: 7/11/2000

All changes will be reflected in the 2nd corrected printing of Cannon Companion. To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the second column after the credits. No indication means first printing. Please address all comments on this errata to

Page 5: Additonal Information Provided By
Add the names Gwyn Lawson and Rori Steel

Page 5: Credits
Add the line:

Special Thanks to John Bridegroom for his indespensable help with all things that shoot.

Page 10: Bo Staff
The first sentence should begin "The bo staff is..."

Page 11: Improvised Melee Weapons Table
Skills needed for Chain and Chainsaw are mixed-up. The table should read:

Weapon Reach Damage Skill Used
Chain 1 (STR)S Whips
Chainsaw 1 (STR+2)M Chainsaw (linked to STR)

Page 22: Assault Rifle Table
The grenade launcher attachment should be under the Colt M22A2 and not the Colt M-23.

Page 28: Specialize Launchers Table
The tabs in the table are off, the headers are for the column to the left. The last column should be labeled RC.

Page 33: General Accessories Table
The last line regarding weapons should be cut.

Page 51: Form-Fitted Body Armor
Add to the end of the last sentence of the second paragraph the phrase: "...nor does it count against any Quickness tests (p. 285, SR3).

Page 58: Using Skillsoft Systems
The page reference on the bottom of the page should read: (see I/O Speed, p. 46 M&M;)

Page 65: Dedicated Chipjack Game Effects
The stat block for the Chipjack should read:

  Essence Cost Availability Street
Dedicated Chipjack .1 500 + chip 2/24hrs 1

Page 68: BTL Base Cost Table
The table headers should read:

Type BTL Dreamdeck
Base Price
Direc Input
Base Price
Availability Street

Page 69: BTL Options Table
The table headers should read:

Option BTL Design
Rating Mod
Price Availability Street

Page 69: BTL Options Table
The table headers should read:

Option BTL Addiction
Rating (Code)
Tolerance Edge Fix Factor

Page 115: Melee Weapons Table
The Damage Rating of the Pole Arm should be (STR+3)S.

Page 119: Grenades Table
Splash Grenades information should be move over one column to read:

  Conceal Damage Blast Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Splash 5 - Special 1 8/4 days 50 2 3-J

Page 122: Clothing and Armor, Camouflage
The stats for Camo Full Suit and Camo Jacket were reversed and should read as follows:

  Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Camo Jacket - 3 1 1.5 4/36 hrs 800 1 Legal
Camo Full Suit - 5 3 2 5/36 hrs 1,200 1 Legal
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