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Man and Machine
Version 1.0
Date: 7/11/2000

All changes will be reflected in the 3rd corrected printing of Man and Machine. To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the second column after the dedication. No indication means first printing or second printing (no changes were made in the second printing). Please address all comments on this errata to

Page 14 Laser Designators Game Effects, 2nd and 3rd Paragraphs
Replace the last two paragraphs with the following:

The character makes a ranged weapons Attack Test to "lock on" to the target, using the Launch Weapons (Spotter) Skill (see p. 114, Cannon Companion, for laser designator ranges). Combat Pool may be used; however, if the act of spotting occurs for longer than one Combat Turn, dice spent on the Spotting Test do not refresh until the turn after the character finishes spotting. The spotter must maintain laser contact with the target until the indirect fire strikes the target; spotters suffer +2 to other tests during this time. To resolve indirect fire, make a standard Attack Test, using extra dice equal to the successes achieved when locking on to the target.

For more information on indirect fire, see p. 99, Cannon Companion.

Page 21 Encephalon Game Effects
The first sentence at the tops of the page should read:

"When a character is decking, they do not receive the Task Pool bonus, only the Hacking Pool."

Page 31 Move-By-Wire Table
The Legality Rating for all should versions read 3P-R.

Page 32 Smartlink Subsystem Game Effects
Change the remarks in parentheses, found in the second paragraph, to read:

"(any non-implant substitutions are made)"

Page 36 Body Plating Game Effects
In the second Paragraph, the end of the second Sentence should be changed to read " impact armor by 1."

Page 67 Muscle Augmentation (Table)
The Legality Rating should read 4P-Q.

Page 67 Muscle Toner (Table)
The Legality Rating should read 4P-Q

Page 70 Symbiotes
Add this sentence, after the second paragraph but before the Stress effects:

Do not add in the Bio Index cost of symbiotes when calculating the effects of bioware on longer healing periods (see p. 78).

Page 77 Bioware Grades
Change the information in the parentheses of the first sentence of the third paragraph to read "25 percent less Bio Index; see below"

Page 77 Acquiring Basic Bioware Table
Change "Essence Index" to "Bio Index" in the table headers

Page 78 Lesser Immunity
The first full sentence a the top of the page should read:

For every 2 full points of Bio Index, add 1 to the Power of any disease

Page 78 Bioware and the Awakened
In the third paragraph, change the sentences starting with "This modified Magic Rating " with the following:

"This modified Magic Rating is used in place of the base Magic Rating for all effective game purposes. For example, it is used when calculating Drain (including determining whether the Drain causes Physical damage) and Spell Pool, determining the maximum levels allowed for an adept power (p. 168, SR3) and any other time Magic Rating is a factor, such as warding or astral combat. An adept whose Magic is reduced in this way cannot simultaneously use more Power Points worth of powers than his effective Magic Rating."

Page 79 Reflex Boosters
Add "or spells" after "adept powers"

Page 121 Table
The Damage for Seven-7 should be "10D" not "10D Stun"

Page 126 Stress Test
In the second paragraph change the second sentence to read: "Use half the unaugmented Attribute Value for Attribute Stress Tests."

Page 152 Brainware Table
Datajack and Data Lock are not in alphabetical order. Switch the two lines.

Page 153 Chemical Analyzer and Gas Spectrometer
Essence Cost should be ".2" not "2"

Page 154 Bodyware Table
The Move-by-Wire Legality Rating for all versions should read 3P-R.

Page 156 Bioware Table
Muscle Augmentation Legality Rating should read 4P-Q.

Page 156 Bioware Table
Muscle Toner Legality Rating should read 4P-Q.

Page 157 Pharmaceutical Compounds (Effects)
The Damage for Seven-7 should be "10D" not "10D Stun".

Page 158 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Neuro-stun VIII was left off the table. Add the following line:

  Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Neuro-stun VIII 4/24 hrs 20 1.5 6P-X

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