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Latest Releases State of the Art: 2064
State of the Art: 2064
Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book
Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book

Shadows of Europe
Shadows of Europe

The Daily Buzz: March 2nd, 2005
The Shadowrun and FanPro Frequently Asked Questions List has been updated. This is a large update with plenty of new questions and answers, plus some reorganization to keep things a little tidier.

The Daily Buzz: February 4th, 2005
Hey SR fans -- we'll have a flurry of site updates over the next couple of weeks, including a revised FAQ, a ton of new errata listings/corrections, and more. But for now, the big news:

FanPro Offers PDFs Through and

FanPro LLC is embracing the digital age! We are happy to announce that we've entered into an agreement with both and to offer our Classic BattleTech and Shadowrun roleplaying game products as electronic PDF downloads. Both new releases and out of print books will be available within minutes online at any time, day or night. You'll never have trouble locating our products again! Check out the e-books available at these sites right now.

DriveThru RPG - Delivery to your Desktop! is an e-book site dedicated to offering the past, present and future of RPG's in digital format. What iTunes is for music, is for roleplaying games. It's a virtual gaming superstore with products from most of top RPG publishers, from current releases to the classic games that bring us back to the "good old days."

BattleCorps: Shadowrun eBooks, miniatures, and more! is the premiere on-line fiction source for Classic BattleTech. Developed by InMediaRes Productions LLC to actively support the Classic BattleTech community, their Battleshop offers everything from poster maps to PDF sourcebooks, miniatures to software, and is the one-stop-shop for any fan of the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. Their subscription-based services also take the BattleTech experience to a whole new level, featuring a stable of authors from national best sellers to great new talent, new art, unique product previews, faction specific message boards and moderated chats with authors and developers.

FanPro LLC is the publisher of the highly successful Classic BattleTech wargame and Shadowrun fantasy-cyberpunk roleplaying game, both licensed from WizKids, Inc.

The Daily Buzz: December 24th, 2004
Happy Holidays! FanPro has made several out-of-print products available for free download in PDF format. You can download them directly from our site:

These files are free for personal use.
We've also released an updated version of the Gamemaster Screen and Critters Book Errata - of course, all these corrections are integrated in the free PDF version of the screen and book!

The Daily Buzz: December 10th, 2004
We've just released an Eight Page Preview of Mr Johnson's Little Black Book - this preview includes the Introduction, Table of Contents, and a sample of each section of the book: GMing advice, non-player characters, short adventure outlines, and locations.

The Daily Buzz: October 3rd, 2004
Mr Johnson's Little Black Book is available in stores now, and State of the Art: 2064 should be in stores the first full week of October! Also, State of the Art: 2063 and Shadows of North America have both been reprinted, so you can once again find these near-essential books on store shelves!

To coincide with the release of SOTA: 2064, we have State of the Art: 2064 Wallpaper designed by cover artist Fred Hooper!

We've - again - revamped the Shadowrun Missions section, to give you more information about the various Missions available for download.

Also now available is some unpublished material that ties in with Shadows of Europe - a full writeup on european playboy Johnny Spinrad.

The Daily Buzz: Sept 4th, 2004
Well, as most people know by now, Mr Johnson's Little Black Book was available at GenCon, while State of the Art: 2064 didn't quite make it. Both books should be in stores this month!

Additionally, several people have reported problems with recent Shadowrun Missions downloads; I think the problem has been narrowed down to the way Windows XP handles files built with certain versions of StuffIt. Regardless, the files have been rebuilt and reuploaded - Shadowrun Missions Downloads

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