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SRM01-08: Duplicity
Griffin Biotechnology has been a revolving door for shadowrunners. Runners from all over the sprawl have had at least one opportunity to scout the place or sneak a peek at what's going on inside. Word is that "the big one" has hit the streets - big nuyen to steal one of Griffin's hottest prototypes. Will Knight Errant be able to keep out this latest attack against the Everett based firm?

Part One: Duplicity [260KB]
Part Two: Player Handouts [672KB]
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SRM01-08: Duplicity

For what seems like the tenth time today, you bypass the electrical current in the monowire lining perimeter wall, to the north-west of the facility.

With a deep breath you cut the cable, ensuring that you arenŐt in range of it slashing out at the sudden lack of tension. You drop over the wall and start running low, thirty seconds to get to the first building before the guards pass through this part of the facility.

Stumbling in a soft spot of geometry, you look at your teammates and realize this is the tenth time today that you have all assaulted Griffin Biotechnology. Each time the result has been different.

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