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SRM01-09: For Whom the Bell Tolls
In the corporate world, fights are not only in boardrooms, but in the streets. What if the future of an entire company were held in the hands of a team of shadowrunners?

Part One: For Whom the Bell Tolls [284KB]
Part Two: Player Handouts [428KB]
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SRM01-09: For Whom the Bell Tolls - "A Savior?"
Introductory fiction by Eric Boivin

Garrett Walsh was preparing for a meeting with his board of directors. In two weeks, the third quarter plan was to be presented to the executive branch of DocWagon. The Atlanta headquarters had been expressing serious concerns about the Seattle franchise.

Recent events had generated bad publicity for the Seattle operation, and the whole corporation was beginning to feel it. Walsh was dreading the scheduled meeting, because he knew that a very solid plan had to be presented. Usually, bringing bad news was paired with explanations about the current economic situation, asset value fluctuation, legal battles and such. This time, the enemy had a name: Rose Croix. The competing corporation had managed to force him to fight on a field where he wasn't comfortable - the shadows.

The last time he tried hiring shadowrunners, things went poorly. He'd lost a trusted exec, and worse yet, a news story broke that DocWagon was suspected of organ harvesting. To top that, DocWagon Seattle's latest business venture, the Griffin Biotech complex in Everett, seemed to have gathered too much attention. He'd begun to feel that the price was too high to pay for the probable return.

If only Michael Davenport, their late COO was still around. For once, his style could have truly helped the corporation. Walsh entered the meeting room. He was in shock when he saw an intruder with his four trusted directors. The fifth man was in the room, silent and solemn.

Craig Gillespie, his CFO, took the lead. "Mister Walsh, this gentleman goes by Saint James. He contacted us with a possible solution for our problems. Please, have a seat."

Walsh never liked to use consultants to solve his problems. At the same time, he didn't want to bring bad news to Atlanta. He sat down, and reluctantly listened to what the mystery man had to offer.

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