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SRM02-01: Parliament of Thieves
by John Dunn
A simple smuggling job. Get the goods from the Koshari. Deliver it to the Mafia. Avoid the Yakuza, the Triads, the UCAS border patrol, and the Zone Defense Force. Just another day in the Front Range Free Zone.

Part One: Parliament of Thieves [544KB]
Part Two: Player Handouts [2.4MB]
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SRM02-01: Parliament of Thieves

Feedback is now closed on this scenario.

For campaign purposes, and the purposes of future adventures, here is the adventure outcome:

  • The package was safely delivered.
  • Law enforcement agencies remained unaware of the transaction.
  • Johnny Ono was slain in a firefight on the streets of the CAS.

For characters who earned Johnny as a contact, they may continue to use him. However, he will not be appearing "on-screen" in any future adventures and he won't be available as an earnable contact in any future adventures.

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