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SRM02-02: Best Served Cold
by Stephen McQuillan
Revenge, corporate interference and dealings with the mafia, it's all part of the day to day life of shadowrunners. When a high-ranking executive gets involuntarily extracted though, it's time for a team of deniable assets to bring him back.

Part One: Best Served Cold [664KB]
Part Two: Player Handouts [3MB]
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SRM02-02: Best Served Cold

Feedback is now closed on this scenario.

For campaign purposes, and the purposes of future adventures, here is the adventure outcome:

  • Belenkiy was rescued.
  • Hammerjack was defeated.
  • The Black Cats survived.

The Black Cats survival was by a very narrow margin. They will not be appearing in Shadowrun Missions scenarios released after October 2006.

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