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SRM02-03: The Grab
by Cliff Hensley
The shadows can be a dirty place to make a living, but a runner's got to make end's meet somehow. When opportunity calls, you answer. But when answering that call involves extracting an eleven-year-old girl as part of an elaborate and bizarre extortion scheme, the shadows can get much dirtier... and some stains can never be washed out.

Part One: The Grab [616KB]
Part Two: Player Handouts [1.1MB]
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SRM02-03: The Grab

Feedback is now closed on this scenario.

For campaign purposes, and the purposes of future adventures, here is the adventure outcome:

  • Catherine was successfully delivered to the safehouse.
  • Lady Jade survived.

There's a roughly 50:50 split on whether or not the PCs were identified. Future adventures will continue to allow for either outcome.

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