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Running an Event
If you are an event coordinator for a gaming convention, gaming/hobby store, or just a gamemaster that wishes to run Shadowrun Missions for your home group, you are probably wondering how to get a hold of the adventures and what else you need to do to run a successful event.

First, make sure that you have the support you need to run the event. Go to and check your area to see if there are any FanPro Shadowrun Commandos in your area - they can help you greatly in planning the event, finding gamemasters, and other aspects. Make sure that you can find enough gamemasters to run your events. Gamemasters for Shadowrun Missions should have a solid understanding of the Shadowrun, Third Edition game system and preferably also experience in running campaign events.

Location and Time
Shadowrun Missions is a tabletop role playing game, and can be run with as few as three players or as many as eight, plus the gamemaster. Ideally, tables should have four to six players. You should have a table large enough to seat eight people. Proper lighting, sound dampening walls or curtains, and access to other facilities are always convenient.

Adventures are designed to be played during a standard convention four-hour time slot. Please make sure that your marshalling plan allows for the tables to start on time, as the adventure assumes actual playing time of approximately 3.5 hours, with the other half hour reserved for character introductions, metagaming activities, and required paperwork. If a table starts late, they will not be able to perform as many metagaming activities - this may disappoint the players.

There is very little paperwork involved with Shadowrun Missions, but much that needs to be prepared. When you request and receive the adventure, it will normally come in two files - the adventure itself and the gamemaster and player handouts. You should provide each gamemaster with a copy of the adventure, of course, and it's a good idea to print one or two out to bring to the event in case one of the gamemasters forgets to bring their copy!

Review the handout package carefully. There are some handouts for the gamemasters, and some for the players. Make sure that the gamemaster has a copy of the handouts for each table s/he is to run. One of the player handouts in every adventure package is a debriefing log. This sheet summarizes the adventure, what outcomes were decided, and equipment gained by the characters. Make sure you have a copy for each player that plays the adventure! Please destroy any unused player certificates and log sheets after the event.

For the event itself, you may be asked to fill out a form with the critical event summary. You will have to communicate with your gamemasters to complete this form. Once your event has finished, you will need to return these forms to the Shadowrun Missions Coordinator

Home Gaming
Although Shadowrun Missions is designed to be played at conventions, game stores, and game days, you can also play at home. The first rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the player characters must be created and follow the rules of the campaign. You cannot bring an established character from a home campaign, play it in Shadowrun Missions, and then go to a convention with that character. If you are willing to do all the paperwork mentioned above, then you can certainly run sanctioned events for your home gaming group.

On the other hand, if you and your players wish to play the adventures and don't care about sanctioning, you are certainly free to request the adventures for "free play" and use them as you see fit, just as you would with a published adventure from FanPro. Make sure, however, that your players are aware that they are playing a Shadowrun Missions adventure. Once a player has played the adventure, they should not play it again with their campaign character.

Our adventures are targeted for players over 16 years of age. Anyone can play, as long as they have a valid Shadowrun Missions character. This means that the character was created using the guidelines set forth by the campaign. Also, the character has only been played in Shadowrun Missions sanctioned events. Characters created and played outside of the campaign setting are not allowed to be used during sanctioned events. Remember, each time a character participates in an event, they will receive a debriefing log as a "receipt" of participation in that adventure.

Request an Event
If you can abide by the conditions above, then you can request an event. Simply send an email to the campaign director with the following information:

City, State
Type of Event (convention, gaming club, game store, private group, etc.)
Event Location
Event Date(s)
Please allow at least two weeks for electronic delivery of the adventure(s) you requested. If you have a limit on attachment sizes, arrangements can be made for file transfer. Remember that your gamemasters will want some time to read the adventure and prepare as well, so please take that into account for your time estimates. We recommend that you request your adventures in order to get them to your gamemasters at least one month prior to your event.

Promoting Your Event
We'd ask that you please post the time, date, and location of your Shadowrun Missions event on the dumpshock forums. A thread there serves as a great heads up to Shadowrun players world wide about where and when they can find a Shadowrun Missions game.

Selected events can be downloaded on the Downloads page.

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