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Shadowrun Missions is a dynamic sixth world campaign that uses the Shadowrun Fourth Edition role playing game. It allows players to create characters and play in sanctioned events around the world just as they would in a normal home campaign. It also allows gamemasters to welcome players from all over the world into their campaign. Because of the framework in which the campaign is commonly run (particularly conventions), there are some slight differences in how certain aspects of the game are handled and what is allowed. Keep in mind that game balance and good storytelling and roleplaying will take precedence over game mechanics.

The Setting
Most of the time, the campaign will take place in and around the Denver metroplex. There may be occasions that will require you and your team to travel to exotic ports of call, European sprawls, the untamed wilderness, the depths of the ocean, and yes, even the metaplanes of astral space. More information about the Denver campaign setting is freely available from the Welcome to Denver article January 2006 issue of the Commando Quarterly.

The Players
Anyone can play! We have players from around the world - all you need is a desire to play Shadowrun. An Internet connection also helps to keep up to date with the latest information, and notification of upcoming events. Our games are geared for a more mature audience - this is Shadowrun. If you are not familiar with the world of Shadowrun, please take a look at the sourcebooks and novels for an idea of the campaign, or read some of the short fiction pieces in the Background section. More information on participating in the campaign is available on the players page.

The Characters
The characters in Shadowrun Missions are shadowrunners. They are professionals that have come from the streets, escaped their corporate enclaves, left the military, or another background. Everyone has a different story and a different reason for running the shadows, but everyone has a similar goal - try to survive and stay in the shadows. For the most part, characters will have some sort of moral code and be a team player. A character that does not have something to contribute to the team, and goes around killing cops, is not suitable for Shadowrun Missions. Information on creating characters is on the players page, with common character creation questions addressed in the FAQ.

The Events
Shadowrun Missions scenarios are commonly held at gaming conventions or other venues where gaming occurs, such as in-store demos. The scenarios can also be played at home for those that have enough people to play and a dedicated gamemaster. Sample adventures are available for download. New adventures are released to the web site each month. However, convention coordinators and Shadowrun Commandos have access to adventures one month in advance of their public release.

Play Time
Scenarios can be offered at any time, and scheduling will remain the purview of the local event organizer. Most event coordinators will allocate a four hour time slot for the game. These scenarios are designed to fit into this schedule. Should you have the luxury to enjoy a longer game, then you will be able to roleplay your character to its fullest potential, conduct more in-depth analysis of a game situation, or just have fun at a relaxed pace. No two groups are expected to play a scenario exactly the same. Full information for GMs and Event Coordinators are on their respective pages.

Welcome to Shadowrun Missions!

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