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Introductory Products

Are you interested in playing Shadowrun, but don't know where to begin? FanPro recommends buying the following items in the order they are listed.

  • Shadowrun, Third Edition: The complete rulebook for gamemasters and players. It contains all the rules needed to create characters and ongoing adventures set in the Shadowrun universe.
  • Shadowrun Third Edition Gamemasters Screen and Critters Sourcebook: The Gamemaster Screen ® is covered with tables, charts and rules for combat, decking and rigging - all together in one place for easy reference. This three-panel screen makes running Shadowrun easier than ever!
    Also includes the Critters mini-sourcebook, a collection of the wildest, weirdest and outright deadliest creatures in Shadowrun. This book provides rules for critter combat, creating toxic and mutant critters, and a complete listing of all paranormal animal powers.
  • Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows: The Shadowrun Companion offers advanced and alternate rules for players and gamemasters. This indispensable book includes a guide to creating adventures and campaigns, and suggests step-by-step techniques to help gamemasters get the most out of the Shadowrun universe. For players, metahuman variants, the build points character generation system, and edges and flaws are presented so you can take your characters to the next level!
  • New Seattle: New Seattle takes the player on a tour of the most exciting city in the world of 2060. Each section on Seattle contains information on gangs, corporations, politics, hideouts, major players, criminal organizations and everything else players and gamemasters need to create both straightforward adventures and complex campaigns.

As you get further into the game and want to expand your knowledge on specific facets of the Shadowrun universe, take a look at these products:

  • Cannon Companion: Cannon Companion offers more than 150 new weapons, with new accessories, gear, armor and explosives. Expanding on the combat gear introduced in [Shadowrun, Third Edition], it provides advanced rules for the martial arts, firearm design and modification, simsense and underwater combat.
  • Magic in the Shadows: Expading on the basic magic concepts and providing advanced magical rules, Magic in the Shadows offers new magical paths, metamagic, toems, and more than 75 new spells. For Gamemasters, there are new rules for initiation, spirits, astral security, magical threats, and more!
  • Man and Machine: Man and Machine expands on the basic cybernetic gear offered in Shadowrun, Third Edition, and provides advanced rules for implanting, surgery, healing, and damage. This book also includes more than 200 pieces of gear, features advancements in biotechnology and chemistry, and introduces nanotechnology.
  • Matrix: Matrix expands on the basic decking rules provided in Shadowrun, Third Edition, and offers advanced rules for programming, deck construction, system security and accessing the Matrix. Matrix includes rules for information searches and new updates on artificial intelligences and otaku characters.
  • Rigger 3: Rigger 3 expands upon the basic rigging and drone rules provided in Shadowrun, Third Edition and offers advanced rules for robots, ships, security riggers and electronic warfare. Rigger 3 also offers expanded vehicle listings and rules for vehicle design, construction and modifications.
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