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The Daily Buzz
This is our archive of news updates regarding the site.

The Daily Buzz: August 10th, 2004
Introductions for two upcoming books are now available:

These two books will be available at GenCon - August 19th-22nd in Indianapolis, Indiana - and will be in stores in September!

Also new this week is the third Shadowrun Missions adventure, FORCEd RECON. You can Download FORCEd RECON here.

As we mentioned last month Target: Awakened Lands, Threats 2, and Survival of the Fittest are close to selling out. You can add another book to that list - Wake of the Comet - so if you want to get copies of these books, hit your local game store and grab them before they're gone!

The Daily Buzz: July 30th, 2004
More material that was cut from Shadows of Europe is now available: A list of European Corporations complete with asset and attribute ratings.

The Daily Buzz: July 22nd, 2004
A collection of European Slang has been posted. Look for more Shadows of Europe excerpts and additions in the coming weeks!

The Daily Buzz: July 6th, 2004
Thanks to all those that came out and saw us - and the debut of Shadows of Europe - at Origins! Shadows of Europe should be in stores the week of July 12th, and you can pre-order it today at the Fast Forward Games FanPro Store.

We've posted the Shadows of Europe Introduction - more Old New World material coming before GenCon.

Additionally, the following titles are close to being sold out - if you want copies, get them soon! - Target: Awakened Lands, Threats 2, and Survival of the Fittest.

The Daily Buzz: June 6th, 2004
Our Origins 2004 Event List is now online - see you in Columbus!

The Daily Buzz: May 31st, 2004
The second Shadowrun Missions adventure is now available! Demolition Run is a full adventure in 21 pages, plus handouts, quick reference sheets, and other material necessary for running a full Shadowrun Missions adventure.

Product Updates: After long delays, Shadows of Europe is finally at the printers and you will see it soon! The book clocks in at a hefty 240 pages!

Four other new books are in the pipeline: Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book (in layout), Loose Alliances (in edit), Running Wild and State of the Art: 2064 (being written, both almost done).

Conventions: More details on the GenCon 2004 Shadowrun Tournament are online! Full Origins and GenCon schedules will be made available later this week.

The Daily Buzz: April 27th, 2004
The Man and Machine reprint arrived in stores this week. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the M&M; Fourth Printing Errata - it includes all the major changes in the book.

We just posted the first full Shadowrun Missions adventure, Mission Briefing. It's a full adventure in 28 pages, plus it includes a second file of handouts, quick reference sheets, and other material necessary for running a full Shadowrun Missions adventure.

The Daily Buzz: April 2nd, 2004
Thanks to everyone who had fun and sent us emails, posted on message forums, or who otherwise discussed our April Fools Day posting. We hope you enjoyed it - we did!

Product News: The Man and Machine reprint will be available in April. Shadows of Europe will be heading to press soon and will be available in May, and Mr Johnson's Little Black Book is proceeding through editing and will be available in June.

The Daily Buzz: March 15th, 2004
New fiction from Jason Hardy - Unmaking the Man is now online.

The Daily Buzz: February 28th, 2004
I'm now etching this web pages out of stones, using nothing but a rusty nail and a small hammer. It's kind of fun, but uploading the tablets takes forever!

New Product Stuff: The 13th printing of Shadowrun, Third Edition is now in stores! This printing only has minor corrections and one piece of errata.

New Stuff: Events page updated with information about Origins and Gen Con Indy 2004. Also, the Combat Record Sheet, which didn't work in some versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader, has been fixed.

Shadowrun Missions: SRM is the new FanPro-sponsored ongoing campaign, played at conventions and at in-store events. Get all the information on how to Play, GM, or Run Shadowrun Missions events on the Shadowrun Missions page.

The Daily Buzz: January 27th, 2004
Well, after a good November, December saw two of my computers die - one of them still not fixed correctly, and that was the computer I had recently migrated all my work onto... fun fun.

Cannon Companion is now back in print, and with the new printing comes new errata!

Please note that there are new stock numbers for all new releases; the relevant product pages have been updated.

The Daily Buzz: November 23rd, 2003
Man and Machine is scheduled to be reprinted soon, so new Man and Machine Errata is now available. There are some important changes to Bioware and the Awakened in this errata, so check it out!

The Daily Buzz: November 16th, 2003
By request, we now have Shadows of Europe wallpaper available in 1600x1200 format.

Also available is Dead Man's Party by Jon Szeto, the second installment in our new online fiction area.

The Daily Buzz: November 4th, 2003
I'm just about "moved in" to me my new laptop -- here's a quickie, some Shadows of Europe wallpaper, created by Shadows of Europe contributor Mikael Brodu.

The Daily Buzz: October 16th, 2003
Whoah. Been too long - sorry about that. Rigger 3 Revised and The Shadowrun Character Dossier are in stores now.

Rigger 3 Revised is the long awaited reprint of FASA's Rigger 3, with over a hundred corrections and changes. So many corrections that we have a complete Rigger 3 to Rigger 3 Revised Conversion Guide for those of you who want to keep using your old copy of Rigger 3 but want the up to date rules.

The Shadowrun Character Dossier is a brand new product at a previously unseen price point for Shadowrun: $4.99! This sixteen page folio contains everything you need to record a character, with tons of handy time [and memory!] saving features.

The Daily Buzz: September 3rd, 2003
As you can see, the new site design is now online! We hope that you find the site easier to use and more informative than the old version. This version of the site brings more than visual changes; Brian Cross has been added to the website staff - he's now in charge of compiling and editing material for the website. You can reach Brian via email.

We have new information about the following upcoming products: Shadows of Europe, The Shadowrun Character Dossier, and Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book

Also online is the Sprawl Survival Guide Introduction, and the Shadowrun FAQ version 1.3.

And finally, our new bi-monthly [six times a year] original fiction section launches. Shadowrun author and editor Elissa Carey is serving as editor for this project, and the first installment - Turnabout, by R. King-Nitschke is available now!

The Daily Buzz: August 11th, 2003
GenCon 2003 has come and gone, and it was an excellent convention - congratulations to all the people who competed in the three round 48 Hours tournament, and thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, seminars, or other games!

FanPro will be at GenCon SoCal exhibiting and running games - the details are still be ironed out, so stay tuned!

Games Unplugged #27 is now available, featuring vehicles never seen before in an English-language Shadowrun product. Also featured are two 'lost designs' for FanPro's Classic BattleTech, plus plenty of material for other Fast Forward Entertainment affiliated game lines, including Conquista del Magico, R.A. Salvatore's DemonWars, and Sundered Reaches. Check it out!

The Daily Buzz: July 15th, 2003
The word on the street says that Sprawl Survival Guide is available in stores and also for online ordering from Fast Forward Games.

Also up is an illustration from Shadows of Europe by former FASA and current Ravensoft stud Fred Hooper. This is going to be a black and white illustration in Shadows of Europe, but Fred liked the image enough that he did a coloured version for us! Check it out!.

Gen Con Indy 2003 is fast approaching! Check out our events list and be sure to stop by and see us at the show if you'll be there!

The Daily Buzz: June 2nd, 2003
The corrected Implant Data Sheet is now available; this PDF sheet wasn't in Man and Machine due to space concerns, and has tons of space for cyberware, bioware, cyberlimbs, and all sorts of augmented goodness!

The Daily Buzz: May 22nd, 2003
Dragons of the Sixth World has winged into gaming stores over the last week - check out this giant (208 page!) sourcebook full of scales and tales.

The Daily Buzz: April 24th, 2003
Shadowrun, Third Edition has just been reprinted [the 12th printing, 3rd by FanPro,] and that means we've published a new Shadowrun Third Edition errata. As usual, the new changes are noted in red - check it out!

The Daily Buzz: April 18th, 2003
Our Upcoming Events page now has event lists for our games and seminars at Origins 2003 and Gen Con Indianapolis 2003

The Daily Buzz: April 11th, 2003
Where are those pesky Dragons? Dragons of the Sixth World will be available in early May! Also available in May will be Shadowrun, Third Edition and Rigger 3 reprints. In June, Man and Machine and State of the Art: 2063 reprints, plus the all new Sprawl Survival Guide. Also of note that Fast Forward Entertainment's Games Unplugged magazine - beginning with issue 26 - is changing focus to provide more information on the games that Fast Forward distributes, including Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech. Each issue will have new official Shadowrun content, so make sure you pick up Games Unplugged #26 and onward at your local gaming store or from the Fast Forward Entertainment Sales Page. We'll be featuring the Shadowrun content from Games Unplugged on a few months after the magazine is available, also.

The Daily Buzz: February 26th, 2003
Just a quick note that Man and Machine is temporarily out of stock at FanPro - if you want to get a copy, it's time to make a beeline for your local gaming store!

The Daily Buzz: February 16th, 2003
Preliminary information on Sprawl Survival Guide and Shadows of Europe is now available.

The Daily Buzz: January 22nd, 2003
Survival of the Fittest Wallpaper is now online!

The Daily Buzz: December 19th, 2002
Survival of the Fittest is now available!

In early 2003, Magic in the Shadows will be reprinted. In preperation for that reprint, we've posted new Magic in the Shadows errata, version 3.0.

The Daily Buzz: December 13th, 2002
New today - The Family Jewel, an adventure loosely tied to Survival of the Fittest, plus a Survival of the Fittest art preview, and in Running Gear, a quick reference sheet from Shadowrun Companion listing all Free, Simple, and Complex Actions.

The Daily Buzz: December 10th, 2002
The Frequently Asked Questions list has been updated to version 1.2.

More site updates will be online later this week - early Christmas for Shadowrun fans!

The Daily Buzz: December 2nd, 2002
Before getting to business, let me apologize for the lack of site updates in the last two months. Quite simply, I moved across the country in early November to take a full-time job at another game publisher, and that job has been keeping me quite busy. I'm pretty much settled in now, and updates should return to being more or less on schedule in the new year.

To slowly get back into the swing of things, the missing Megacorporate Logos are now available.

Survival of the Fittest should be out any week now - December 16th is the official release date!

Dragons of the Sixth World has also slipped - we want to take extra time to make sure that the Wyrms get the respect they deserve - it's now slated for a February release.

And finally, Magic in the Shadows has been unavailable for a few months, and will be reprinted in January!

The Daily Buzz: October 7th, 2002
We've posted Dunkelzahn: The Mass-Media Dragon, an article originally published in 1993 in Dragon Magazine. With Dragons of the Sixth World on the way, it's interesting to take a look back at some of the historical significance of Dunkelzahn and the other Great Dragons.

The Daily Buzz: September 27th, 2002
Our new Product Pages are now online! The new pages offer more information about each product, better reflect the stock status of each book, and allow you to quickly jump to the FanPro Sales page at Fast Forward Entertainment.

The Daily Buzz: September 13th, 2002
We've added the megacorporate logos from Corporate Download and New Seattle to the Running Gear section. Just the thing to add a little zing to your game props. . .

The Daily Buzz: September 8th, 2002
The first information about Dragons of the Sixth World - including the city razing cover by the extremely talented Marc Sasso - is now available. Also, the FAQ has been updated with some corrections.

The Daily Buzz: September 3rd, 2002
Both State of the Art: 2063 and Wake of the Comet are now available to purchase online and in retail stores!

Unfortunately due to some technical reasons we've been unable to update the site for far too long! Expect some big updates over the next week as we roll out some new features. To start off, we've caught up on posting Developer's Say and Introduction articles by adding the following books: Man and Machine: Cyberware, Magic in the Shadows, Matrix, Shadowrun Companion (Revised for Third Edition), New Seattle, Target: Wastelands, and State of the Art: 2063 to the A Word From Our Sponsor page.

Also available is some State of the Art: 2063 Wallpaper

The Daily Buzz: July 11th, 2002
Target: Wastelands is now shipping from distributors and game stores! This latest Shadowrun release covers hostile locations runners may end up at, outside of the usual metroplexes and corporate facilities! Check out the Introduction and some sample art!

Fresh from Origins Game Fair we have a whole bunch of small updates for the site! First off, Origins was a very good convention for FanPro and Shadowrun - we had fun, talked to a lot of people, sold product, and ran some very sucessful demo games and a tournament. Despite some minor problems with the tournament it was very well recieved. If you have questions or comments on the tournament or anything else FanPro organized or talked about at Origins, feel free to email us and we'll help you out. We apologize for the cancellation of the Shadowrun 101 seminar; it did not make it into the on-site book and for that reason we cancelled it. We will be running Shadowrun 101 at Gencon, Friday at Noon.

Now, onto this weeks site updates:

The Daily Buzz: June 28th, 2002
The Introduction to Target: Wastelands has been posted, and information about Survival of the Fittest is now available to both squash and fuel the rumor-mill. . .

Once again, FanPro LLC will be at Origins in Columbus Ohio, July 4th-7th at Booth #354 -- stop by and say hi!

At Gen Con (August 8th-11th) we'll be at Booth #953. Shadowrun artist Klaus Sherwinski visiting from Germany and will be doing signings at the booth every day. The full Gencon Event List has been posted!

The Daily Buzz: June 17th, 2002
FanPro LLC will be running events at Origins in Columbus Ohio, July 4th-7th and will be exhibiting Shadowrun and Classic Battletech products at Booth #354. The full Events List has been posted!

The Daily Buzz: June 5th, 2002
There is now an unofficial Spanish Translation of the official FAQ available.

The Daily Buzz: May 21st, 2002
Shadows of North America has shipped to distributors and stores, and is also available for online ordering! This 208 page book tells shadowrunners what they need to know about the 13 countries and city-states of North America, including the Native American Nations and the dragon-ruled city of Denver. Each state is covered in detail, from hot spots to power players, all from a shadowrunner's point of view.

The Daily Buzz: May 14th, 2002
The Official Shadowrun FAQ is now available! It covers all sorts of questions about FanPro, Shadowrun, web pages, and of course the game itself!

The Daily Buzz: May 4th, 2002
After a long wait, all sorts of character and record sheets direct from the Third Edition books are available to download in the Running Gear section.

The Daily Buzz: May 1st, 2002
The Complete Products List has been updated. Some products - including Rigger 3 - are close to selling out!

The Daily Buzz: April 30th, 2002
An updated list of distributors carrying Shadowrun products is now available.

The Daily Buzz: April 26th, 2002
Big News! - Fast Forward Entertainment, FanPro, WizKids Enter into Agreement over future distribution of Shadowrun and other titles!

The Daily Buzz: April 11th, 2002
Early information and cover art for State of the Art: 2063 is now available, plus extra information from Shadows of North America - North American Flags and Cost Of Doing Business.

The Daily Buzz: March 30th, 2002
Rigger 3 was even bigger than Rigger 2, and when FASA published it they couldn't even fit in all the fiction in! The three fiction pieces from Rigger 2 are now available on the Rigger 3 page or Word on the Street section. They are The Duelists, Mission Improbable and A Night In The Life.

The Daily Buzz: March 16th, 2002
Two more excerpts from Target: Matrix have been posting to the Word on the Street section - Steven Ridgemont and Triads Online. Also, check out The Round Square if you haven't already!

The Daily Buzz: March 6th, 2002
The Introduction & Art Preview for Shadows of North America has now been posted!

The Daily Buzz: February 19th, 2002
Year of the Comet has sold out of its first printing - if you're looking at picking it up, grab a copy from your local gaming store as soon as possible!

The Daily Buzz: January 29th, 2002
Threats 2 has arrived at the warehouse and will be shipping to distributors and stores this week!

The Daily Buzz: January 23rd, 2002
Adventures have been a bit scarce lately, but Wake of the Comet will build upon Year of the Comet - three adventures related to the Probe Race!

The Daily Buzz: January 12th, 2002
Updated information on Shadows of North America and Target: Wastelands is now available!

The Daily Buzz: January 3rd, 2002
Welcome to 2002, a palindronic year! Up first we have the introduction to Threats 2, including an Art Preview (Warning - this page contains several large pieces of art, so it will take 20-30 seconds to download if you're on dialup!)

The Daily Buzz: December 18th, 2001
FanPro LLC announces the formation of a Demo Team!

For Immediate Release
Contact: Scott Taylor

FanPro LLC forms the FanPro Commandos

Chicago, Il-December 17, 2001 - FanPro LLC is happy to announce they have begun recruiting experienced players to demonstrate the games Shadowrun and Classic Battletech. "Demonstration Teams are a proven way to expose companies' products to a wider audience." Said Commando Coordinator Scott Taylor. "Experienced demo teams are able to demonstrate to new players games that they may not have otherwise played. In addition, game demos by well prepared teams and individuals showcase the games in the best possible light to both new and experienced players, enhancing sales of both core and expansion game products."

The recruitment of mature (18 Years or older) players for a demonstration team leverages their experience to expand the fan-base, while simultaneously enhancing the players dedication to the game systems by giving them a place in the organization and evolution of the game system and the company producing it.

For information on how to apply, visit the FanPro Commando Website at

The Daily Buzz: December 10th, 2001
Curious if you have every Shadowrun product ever released by FanPro LLC and FASA? The complete list is now available.

The Daily Buzz: December 8th, 2001
The first of several entries that didn't make it into the printed version of Target: Matrix are now available: jack into The Round Square, a new data haven.

The Daily Buzz: November 11th, 2001
There's been some changes to the release schedule, so the release schedule for the rest of this year and early 2002 looks like this now:

The Daily Buzz: October 24th, 2001
Some Adventure Ideas that were cut from Year of the Comet for space reasons are now available for free!

The Daily Buzz: October 5th, 2001
To follow up the new Art Submission Guidelines, we now have new Writing Submission Guidelines

The Daily Buzz: September 26th, 2001
The By the Book page now has Rigger 3 Errata.

The Daily Buzz: September 20th, 2001
New this week - updated information on Target: Awakened Lands and Threats 2, the Introductions to Year of the Comet and Target: Awakened Lands, and new Art Submission Guidelines for potential freelance artists.

The Daily Buzz: September 7th, 2001
Sorry for the late update; had some serious internet provider issues. Good thing I uploaded the new errata last week, isn't it?

New this week we have a list of distributors carrying Shadowrun products - this information is mostly for retailers interested in stocking Shadowrun. All the individual product pages have been updated to display better on lower resolution browsers. Also we have a rundown of the games and seminars that happened at Gencon. And last but not least, the Shadowrun Third Edition Errata has been updated!

The Daily Buzz: August 24th, 2001
Early update: The new New Seattle Errata and Shadowrun Companion Errata is now online!

The Daily Buzz: August 22nd, 2001
Gencon was absolutely great - but now I'm fighting my way through a killer cold that I acquired on the tail end of my vacation, so this weeks update will be short. The main news is that Year of the Comet is now available, and sold very well at Gencon! Some parts of the book are controversial with Shadowrun fans, but it's certainly inspiring some interesting discussion! Also, New Seattle and the Shadowrun Companion have both been reprinted, with new errata. The new errata will be online next week. Also, Target: Awakened Lands has been delayed until September.

The Daily Buzz: July 18th, 2001
No major updates this week - Gencon and vacation preparations are eating a ton of the webmasters time. However, the good news is that we have some progress on the online-ordering of products front. Also, the cover art for Threats 2 is now online.

For those of you that wish to talk to Rob Boyle or Adam Jury at Gencon, please check out the Events page for information on Gencon - we'll be at the Fantasy Productions booth for most of the show, so stop by and say hi!

The Daily Buzz: July 11th, 2001
Shadowrun is moving along - Year of the Comet is now printed and is shipping to the warehouse, where it will ship to distributors and then to retailers soon! Of course, we'll keep you updated on when that happens. Also, if you downloaded any of the errata last week, just a quick note that along with various other bug-fixes and typo-squashings on the site, the errata for Matrix and Magic in the Shadows both had minor updates!

The Daily Buzz: July 4th, 2001
Welcome to the launch of the official Shadowrun page! We've only got a small amount of what we hope to have online up and running, but there are fiction entries available in Word on the Street, Shadowtalk entries from both Rob Boyle and Adam Jury in Word from our Sponsors, along with Developer's Say from previous Shadowrun products. We've got the latest scoop on upcoming products like Year of the Comet in the Products section, information for people new to the game in the Newbies Node, plus Errata for those grizzled veterans in the By The Book section. Shadowrunning Gear will be the future home of character sheets and other downloadables. We've also got sections for Upcoming Events and more, so take a look around. We'll be adding more content in upcoming weeks and keeping you informed of upcoming products and events, so please keep checking back!

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