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Product Listings
Fantasy Productions LLC is pleased to not only be releasing new Shadowrun products but to also be keeping many of the core Shadowrun Third Edition books in print. The remaining FASA back-stock books are available through normal retail channels and the Fast Forward FanPro Store.

If you're new to Shadowrun and perhaps a little confused about what books you need, please check out our Introductory Products list.

Upcoming Releases
The following Shadowrun products are due to be released before the in 2005. Ask your gaming or comic store to order them for you in advance!

FanPro Releases
Since forming in 2001, FanPro has released the following completely new products for Shadowrun, Third Edition:

Shadowrun Third Edition Rulebooks and Core Sourcebooks
All the core Shadowrun books are remaining in print. FanPro has either reprinted the following books, or will be reprinting them when FASA back-stock sells out.

The following Shadowrun sourcebooks are in-print and available. Remember, sourcebooks are rarely reprinted, so get them while you can!

The following FanPro published Shadowrun adventures, adventure sets (multiple adventures in one product), and tracked adventures [products based around a specific plotline with many adventure possibilities] are in-print and available, from oldest to most recent:

First and Second Edition Backstock
The following First Edition products still available in limited quantities:

  • Seattle Sourcebook [Sourcebook - useable with any edition]
  • Target: Smuggler Havens [Sourcebook - useable with any edition]
  • Target: UCAS [Sourcebook - useable with any edition]
  • Germany Sourcebook [Sourcebook - useable with any edition]
  • Fields of Fire [Sourcebook - primarly useful with 2nd Edition]
  • Shadowrun Companion: Beyond the Shadows [Rulebook for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • High Tech & Low Life: Art of Shadowrun [Art Book]
  • Blood in the Boardroom [Tracked adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Mob War! [Tracked adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Missions [Set of adventures for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Predator & Prey [Set of adventures for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Shadows of the Underworld [Set of adventures for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Divided Assets [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Eyewitness [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Celtic Doublecross [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Dark Angel [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Imago [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Total Eclipse [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Queen Euphoria [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Dreamchipper [Adventure for Shadowrun 2nd Edition]
  • Shadowrun GM Screen 1st Edition [Gamemasters' screen for Shadowrun 1st Edition, includes Silver Angel adventure]

Other Releases
A full list of Shadowrun products published by FanPro LLC and FASA is available here.

Shadowrun Third Edition
Shadowrun 3rd Edition
Shadowrun GM Screen
Shadowrun GM Screen
Shadowrun Companion
Shadowrun Companion

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