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Threats 2
Product ID: 10652
Price: 18.00
Pages: 112
ISBN: 3-89064-652-2
EAN: 9783890646527
Developer: Rob Boyle and Michael Mulvihill
Authors: Randall Bills, Rob Boyle, Steven Kenson Michelle Lyons, Jon Szeto, and others
Cover Artist: Marc Sasso
Status: Available (First Printing)
Threats 2

Threats 2
Nothing to See Here... Move Along
Everyone's got a dark secret, chummer. See that chromed-out razorgirl with the chain of fetishes? She could be a cultist who uses blood rituals to restore her lost magic. See that suit slugging down whiskey in the corner? He could be the errand-boy of some supra-governmental conspiracy to overthrow the NANs. And that freak behind you? Drek, chummer, he's not even human..."

Threats 2 describes twelve influential organizations and entities each pursuing their own secret agendas in the world of Shadowrun. These threats operate on many levels, from irritating spirits that affect magical foci to a deranged artificial intelligence that seeks to rebuild itself and take over the Matrix. These threats can be used as recurring villains or as powerful forces seeking to manipulate the characters for their own ends. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.

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