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Cannon Companion
Product ID: 10659
Price: 19.99
Pages: 128
ISBN: 1-932564-14-4
Developer: Rob Boyle, Michael Mulvihill
Authors: Rob Boyle, Dan “Flake” Grendell, Michael Mulvihill
Cover Artist: Paul Bonner
Status: Available (Third Printing)
Cannon Companion

Cannon Companion
More Bang for the Buck . . .
When the shadows are full of flying lead, chummer, you need an edge—and I got it right here. You want a specialized blade? I can sell you a monosword. You want a gun to make the other guy think twice? How about the new laser pistol? Maybe you want to forge your whole body into a weapon—I know someone who can train you in the Wildcat-style martial arts. The big boys don’t have all the best toys . . .

Cannon Companion offers more than 150 new weapons, with new accessories, gear, armor and explosives. Expanding on the combat gear introduced in Shadowrun, Third Edition, it provides advanced rules for the martial arts, firearm design and modification, simsense and underwater combat.

This FanPro edition of Cannon Companion is a corrected and updated version of the FASA edition.

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