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Sprawl Survival Guide
Product ID: 10667
Price: 24.99
Pages: 144
ISBN: 1-932564-00-4
EAN: 97819325640046
Developer: Rob Boyle
Authors: Elissa Carey, Eleanor Holmes, Adam Jury and others
Cover Artist: Jim Nelson
Status: Available (First Printing)
Sprawl Survival Guide

Sprawl Survival Guide
Street Smart?
New to the sprawl kid? Wise up fast, cuz wiz wires or spell juice alone won’t save your ass on the hungry streets. You flash your credstick in the wrong alley, drop a name in the wrong company, or flick out a spur at a gunfight, and your organs will be next up for auction. Reps are built on etiquette and connections, not just chill attitude and piles of corpses. You need to know when to deal and when to wheel, or you’ll be just another skidmark on the sprawl streets.

The Sprawl Survival Guide details daily life in 2063, from home amenities to nightlife to coffin clubs and cred accounts. It also exposes the ins and outs of the shadowrunners’ lifestyle—how they operate, who they deal with and how they survive. This information is essential for both gamemasters and players, detailing the world of Shadowrun and bringing it to life. Also includes expanded rules for lifestyles, travel and fake identities. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.

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