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The Shadowrun Character Dossier
Product ID: 10673
Price: 4.99
Pages: 16
ISBN: 1-932564-01-2
Developer: Rob Boyle
Authors: Adam Jury, Jeff Mackintosh
Cover Artist: Rick Berry, John Zeleznick (front), Adi Granov (back)
Status: Available (First Printing)
The Shadowrun Character Dossier

The Shadowrun Character Dossier
More Data Than Your Rap Sheet
Your shadowrunner has more safehouses than a slumlord, more false identities than a schizophrenic and a criminal record that takes up more memory than a Black Hammer utility. So where do you keep track of all that info? The Shadowrun Character Dossier provides 16 pages to record all of your characterís details, from skills to implants to spells. All of the archetypes are covered, from adepts to riggers to otaku, and space is included for edges and flaws, Karma expenditures, character background and more. The Dossier also features handy reference tables to make combat, skill use and healing run more smoothly. Store your runnerís info here and put Mr. Johnsonís files to shame!

For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.

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