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State of the Art: 2063
Product ID: 25013
Price: 19.99
Pages: 128
ISBN: 3-89064-664-6
EAN: 9783890646640
Developer: Rob Boyle
Authors: Elissa Carey, Eleanor Holmes, Michelle Lyons, Peter Millholland and Jon Szeto
Cover Artist: Marc Sasso
Status: Available (Second Printing)
State of the Art: 2063

State of the Art: 2063
Nothing to Fear if You've Got the Gear
In this day and age, things change so fast that the centrifugal force of progress will shear your head right off. Shadowrunners like us need to keep up with the latest developments. When you run a B&E;, you need to know what nasty new security feature might try to cut you in two as much as you need to know which nova new magic formula is worth snatching. It's the state of the art, chummer-it'll make you cred or get you dead."

State of the Art: 2063 covers groundbreaking developments in the year 2063. It details the current state of genetics technology and corporate security, and describes advances in metamagic and mercenary operations. It also provides briefs on the latest trends in mainstream culture, sports and entertainment, with an eye towards shadowrunning opportunities. These sections include a selection of new gear, vehicles, techniques and rules for both players and gamemasters. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition.

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