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Runner Havens
Product ID: 26005
Print Price: $24.99
Pages: 144
ISBN-10: 1-932564-68-3
EAN: 9781932564686
Developer: Rob Boyle
Authors: Lars Blumenstein, Robert Derie, Jong-Won Kim, Jason Levine, Robyn King-Nitschke, Peter Taylor
Cover Artist: RK Post
Runner Havens

Runner Havens
Across the Globe, Biz is Biz
This first core setting book introduces the players to two of the world’s premier shadowrunner sprawls: Seattle and Hong Kong. Each city is described in detail for a shadowrunner’s point-of-view, covering key topics such as the balance of power, corporate and underworld affairs, places to see, strange magics, and key features of interest. A wealth of plot hooks are also included. Four other runner-favored cities—Cape Town, Caracas, Hamburg, and Istanbul—are also covered in lesser detail, and gamemaster advice is provided for transforming any specific urban locale into a shadow hotspot.

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