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Target: Matrix
Product ID: 7219
Price: 20.00
Pages: 136
ISBN: 1-55560-476-5
EAN: 9781555604769
Developer: Rob Boyle and Michael Mulvihill
Authors: Randall Bills, Rob Boyle, Eleanor Holmes, Adam Jury, Steve Kenson, Michael Mulvihill, and others
Cover Artist: Jim Nelson
Status: Available (First Printing)
Target: Matrix

Target: Matrix
Can You Hack It?
The Matrix is for everyone; a worldwide computer network made up of pocket universes and virtual realities. You can make deals in virtual bars, sharpen reactions in game simulations or score new gear from an online store. Deckers and non-deckers alike base most of their lives in the Matrix, the place where information lives and breeds, bought and sold like trinkets on a street corner. In shadowy data havens and behind the brain-frying defenses in the megacorporate data archives, information is power.

The Target: Matrix sourcebook opens up the exciting realms of the virtual world, detailing over two dozen grids, hosts and data havens. It also profiles infamous Matrix organizations and nova-hot personas, hinting at undiscovered entities that lurk deep in the datasphere. Target: Matrix is intended for gamemasters and players of all experience levels. For use with Shadowrun, Third Edition and Matrix.

  • Introduction / Developers Say
  • Additional Material: Steven Ridgemont - A Matrix socialite with a reputation as being a genuinely good person with a Robin Hood streak a mile wide.
  • Additional Material: The Round Square - A caribbean based Data Haven for pirates - the electronic kind!
  • Additional Material: Triads Online - One of the major crime syndicates - the Triads have secrets in both the physical world and the Matrix.

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