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Year of the Comet Adventure Ideas

The following adventure ideas represent just a few of the idea for Year of the Comet based adventures.

Lost Little Girl
The runners are hired by Miriam Summers, a wealthy Bellevue resident whose teenage daughter went missing in mid-September of 2061. Unknown to Miriam, her daughter Alyson underwent SURGE while walking home from school, expressing lustrous scales on her arms and face. In pain and terrified, Alyson attempted to run home, but ran afoul of a racist group of neighborhood toughs first. Driven away, Alyson fled, encountering fear and revulsion everywhere she turned.

Alyson is now staying with a group known as The Lost Journeyman, a comet cult located in Renton. The Journeymen were the first people to comfort and protect Alyson on the streets, bringing her to their communal building for her own "safety." Since the, they have indoctrinated her into the cult's beliefs-that metahuman life was spawned by the comet, and that it has now arrived to pick them up and carry them along on its journey through the heavens. In order to pay the "toll" for this cometary ride, the Journeymen must pay "Lazarus," the nosferatu who leads the cult and who has turned the journeyman into his vampiric pawns.

In order to retrieve Alyson, the runners will have to magically locate her or trace her path through the city. They may be confused by her drastically altered appearance. When they find her, she will be on the verge of becoming a pawn herself. Lazarus and the Journeymen will not let her go without a fight.

Comet Dust
The runners are hired by an eccentric "magician" who plans to conduct a secret, unusual ritual of some sort. The magician requires (or at least he thinks he does) "comet dust" to use in the ritual, and he thinks some can be retrieved from a small meteorite that just fell in an out of the way location of the gamemaster's choice.

When the runners hike into the backwater and hostile area to find the meteor, they run afoul of critters and competitors. But the real find comes when they run across a corporate prospecting squad that has just discovered a small vein of orichalcum. If the corporate men discover the runners, they will suspect them of being claim-jumpers and will attempt to kill them. The runners, on the other hand, should be tempted to raid the mining site-the rewards of bringing back orichalcum are far higher than the magician's pay.

Family Ties
Shortly after the disaster in Japan, Imperial Marine officer Shoji Takeuchi (who is based in San Francisco) employs the runners to travel to Japan and look for his father, Kazuhiro Takeuchi. Shoji fears that Kazuhiro was lost in the eruption, and asks the runners to rescue him if necessary.

The runners will have to sneak past Imperial military forces into the disaster area to look for Kazuhiro. The conditions will be difficult, and the runners may be injured by collapsing buildings, fires and other conditions. They will also come across many others in need of help-forcing them to choose between humanitarian aid and the mission at hand. Eventually, they will find Kazuhiro alive and well.

Kazuhiro will be glad to hear of his son, but he will also be angry at the recent news of Saito's refusal to return-Shoji is one of the officers who stayed behind with Saito. As a traditionalist who believes the Emperor must be obeyed, Kazuhiro will attempt to hire the runners to kidnap Shoji and bring him back to Japan.

If the runners agree, they will find the situation in the Bay Area drastically different. Metahuman characters will be in danger of being rounded up by Saito's forces. Shoji himself may be difficult to locate, as he will be on the front lines, directing Saito's capture of Sacramento. Extracting him from the hostile military situation will be a challenge.

Media Spectacle
Tired of the media blackout, trid-snoop Lordes Granato will ask a team of shadowrunners to bodyguard her on a mission to the Yucatán where she can interview the rebels and get a direct view of what's going on. Lordes will ask the runners to arrange for her and two camera operators to be smuggled in to the Yucatán, past the Aztlan blockade. Eventually they will arrive at the meeting point Lordes has arranged with the Yucatán rebels, where they will be taken to an underground tunnel complex. The rebels may not trust the runners and will demand that they be relieved of weapons and blindfolded.

In the complex, Lordes will conduct an interview with a rebel leader. In the midst of it, the Azzies will launch an attack on the village and complex. The runners will need to escape from a collapsing tunnel network, devastating bombardment and vicious chemical attack. In the process, a tunnel collapse will separate them from Lordes, who will end up being captured by the Aztlan military.

The runners may opt to bail out of the situation or attempt a rescue. Lordes will be taken to a nearby Azzie base, where she and other prisoners will soon be the victims of a toxic shaman's blood magic if the runners do not act quickly. Even if they succeed in defeating the shaman, toxic spirits and other Aztlan troops, they will still need to escape the country. The rebels will encourage them to stay, offering to pay them as mercenaries as necessary.

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