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Cost of Doing Business is an unpublished excerpt from Shadows of North America

Cost Of Doing Business
Though most nations in North America use nuyen as their primary currency (and those that don't still accept it), the UCAS, CAS and Québec all retain their traditional forms of currency. The exchange value of these currencies is in constant fluctuation based on current economic conditions. (The value of the nuyen is based on a complex series of calculations revolving around the value of a specific multi-corporate stock portfolio monitored by the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank.) The exact currency form of a character's funds is electronically noted in his or her credstick or account.

Automatic Conversion
When a character makes a purchase, he must either pay with nuyen or the primary currency of that nation. Businesses will not accept payment in any form other than their country's primary currency (or the nuyen). Most credit transfers can be instantly converted at the current exchange rate (see below), though a transaction fee of anywhere from 5 to 10 percent may be applied (despite the fact that the conversion is handled electronically and takes about a microsecond).

Exchanging Currency
Additionally, all major banks and financial institutions will convert some or all a customer's account from nuyen to dollars or francs and back again at the current exchange rate (see below). This conversion will cost a surcharge based on a percentage of the currency exchanged (see the Currency Exchange Table) and may be limited to a maximum amount.

When a character uses a registered credstick to exchange funds, the financial network logs the transaction and attempts to validate the user. If the credstick is forged, an Opposed Test must be made (see p. 239, SR3) between the forged credstick's rating and the rating of the verification system (see the Currency Exchange Table).

Current Exchange Rate
To determine the current exchange values for the CAS dollar (c$), UCAS dollar (u$) and Québec franc (f), roll 2D6 and consult the Current Exchange Rate Table. The currency value fluctuation is beyond a character's control, but characters should have the opportunity to check the exchange rates before they make the transaction and perhaps wait until the rate is more favorable. In this case, the gamemaster can roll a new exchange rate after at least 12 hours have passed.

Currency Exchange Table
Type of Exchange Surcharge Verification Rating Maximum Amount
Street Machine 2D6 x .5% 1D3 2,000¥
Currency Exchange 2D6 x .5% 1D3 5,000¥
Bank 2D6 x .25% 1D3 + 1 10,000¥*
Black Market 2D6 x 2% -
Business (at time of purchase) 1D6 + 4 1 or 2 5,000¥
* If the character has an account with this bank, the transaction is only limited by the gamemaster's discretion.
† The transaction is only limited by the gamemaster's discretion, based on the broker's available funds.

Base Exchange Rates
Standard Exchange Rate as of August 2062
Currency (Currency Unit: Nuyen)
CAS dollar (c$) 3:1
Québec franc (f) 2:1
UCAS dollar (u$) 4:1

Current Exchange Rate Table
2D6 Roll Degree of Change c$ f u$
2 +.25 3.75 2.5 5
3-4 +.1 3.3 2.2 4.4
5-6 +.05 3.15 2.1 4.2
7 - 3 2 4
8-9 -.05 2.85 1.9 3.8
10-11 -.1 2.7 1.8 3.6
12 -.25 2.25 1.5 3

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