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Cannon Companion
Version 3.0
Date: 12/22/2004

Most changes are reflected in the third corrected printing of Cannon Companion (the first printing by FanPro LLC). To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the second column after the credits. No indication means first printing. The notation in [brackets] after each entry indicates on which print run the correction was made. An entry with no printing in brackets means that the correction does not appear in any printings.

Various minor changes (typos, incorrect p. references, layout errors) have also been made, but these are not noted here.

Please address all comments on this errata to

p. 5: Additonal Information Provided By [2]
Add the names Gwyn Lawson and Rori Steel

p. 5: Credits [2]
Add the line:

Special Thanks to John Bridegroom for his indespensable help with all things that shoot.

p. 11: Improvised Melee Weapons Table
Skills needed for Chain and Chainsaw are mixed-up. The table should read:

Weapon Reach Damage Skill Used
Chain 1 (STR+2)M Stun Whips
Chainsaw 1 (STR+2)S Chainsaw (linked to STR)

p. 22: Assault Rifle Table [2]
The grenade launcher attachment should be under the Colt M22A2 and not the Colt M-23.

p. 33: General Accessories Table [3]
The last line of this table is missing. It is:

  Conceal Reach Damage Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Bayonet (on rifle) 5 2 (STR + 2)M .75 4/24 hrs 50¥ 1 6-A

p. 33 Rangefinder
Change the second half of the first sentence to read: " ... and feeds that information to a cybernetic smartlink system equipped with the rangefinder accessory (see p. 32, Man & Machine)."

p. 33 Rangefinder [3]
On the table, the rangefinder's Mount entry should be "Top/Under"

p. 34 Underbarrel Grapple Gun [3]
The first sentence should read: "... for rifle-sized weapons or larger, ..."

p. 51: Form-Fitted Body Armor
Add to the end of the last sentence of the second paragraph the phrase: "...nor does it count against any Quickness tests (p. 285, SR3).

p. 58: Using Skillsoft Systems
The p. reference on the bottom of the p. should read: (see I/O Speed, p. 46 M&M;)

p. 65: Dedicated Chipjack Game Effects
The stat block for the Chipjack should read:

  Essence Cost Availability Street
Dedicated Chipjack .1 500¥ + chip 2/24hrs 1

p. 68: BTL Base Cost Table
The table headers should read:

Type BTL Dreamdeck
Base Price
Direc Input
Base Price
Availability Street

p. 69: BTL Options Table
The table headers should read:

Option BTL Design
Rating Mod
Price Availability Street

p. 69: BTL Options Table
The table headers should read:

Option BTL Addiction
Rating (Code)
Tolerance Edge Fix Factor

p. 83: Sawed-Off Shotgun Barrel [3]
Change the Weight to -1.

p. 107: Suppressive Fire [3]
In the third paragraph, in the second sentence add ",defaulting," between "attacker's wounds," and "the target's cover"

p. 114 Skills And Linked Attributes Table
Add an asterisk (*) to Aura Reading, since you cannot default to this skill.
Add Chainsaw skill under Strength attribute.
The Quickness attribute should not have been inside the box.

p. 115: Melee Weapons Table
The Damage Rating of the Pole Arm should be (STR+3)S.

p. 115: Equipment Table [3]
The Concealability for the Ranger-X bow should be 2.

p. 119 Grenades Table
The Availability for Offensive and Defensive Grenades should be "4/4 Days."

p. 119: Grenades Table [2]
Splash Grenades information should be moved over one column to read:

  Conceal Damage Blast Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Splash 5 - Special 1 8/4 days 50¥ 2 3-J

p. 120: Equipment Table [3]
The rangefinder's Mount entry should be "Top/Under"

p. 122: Clothing and Armor, Camouflage [2]
The stats for Camo Full Suit and Camo Jacket were reversed and should read as follows:

  Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Camo Jacket - 3 1 1.5 4/36 hrs 800¥ 1 Legal
Camo Full Suit - 5 3 2 5/36 hrs 1,200¥ 1 Legal

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