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Man and Machine Errata
Version 2.0
Date: 8/26/2003

All changes are reflected in the fourth corrected printing of Man & Machine (the first printing by FanPro LLC). To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the second column after the dedication. No indication means first or second printing (no changes were made in the second printing). Note that some additional minor corrections have been made (typos, mistaken page references) but these are not noted here.

The number in [brackets] following each entry below indicates in which printing the correction was made.

Please address all comments on this errata to

p. 14 Laser Designators Game Effects, 2nd and 3rd Paragraphs [3]
Replace the last two paragraphs with the following:

The character makes a ranged weapons Attack Test to "lock on" to the target, using the Launch Weapons (Spotter) Skill (see p. 114, Cannon Companion, for laser designator ranges). Combat Pool may be used; however, if the act of spotting occurs for longer than one Combat Turn, dice spent on the Spotting Test do not refresh until the turn after the character finishes spotting. The spotter must maintain laser contact with the target until the indirect fire strikes the target; spotters suffer +2 to other tests during this time. To resolve indirect fire, make a standard Attack Test, using extra dice equal to the successes achieved when locking on to the target.

For more information on indirect fire, see p. 99, Cannon Companion.

p. 19 Chipjack Expert Driver Game Effects [4]
Add the following:

The Maximum rating of this device is 3.

p. 21 Encephalon Game Effects [3]
The first sentence at the tops of the page should read:

"When a character is decking, they do not receive the Task Pool bonus, only the Hacking Pool."

p. 27 Ceramic Bone Lacing [4]
Change the last line to read:

Unarmed attacks by a character with ceramic lacing inflict (STR + 3)M Stun damage.

p. 31 Move-By-Wire Table [3]
The Legality Rating for all versions should read 3P-R

p. 31 Smartlink-2 Game Effects [4]
Add the following line:

If a weapon with a standard smartlink is used by a character with a smartlink-2 implant (or vice versa), only the standard smartlink modifiers apply.

p. 32 Smartlink Subsystem Game Effects [3]
Change the remarks in parentheses, found in the second paragraph, to read:

"(any non-implant substitutions are made)"

p. 32 Rangefinder Game Effects [4]
Note that the weapon still requires a rangefinder accessory (p. 33, Cannon Companion).

p. 36 Body Plating Game Effects [3]
In the second Paragraph, the end of the second Sentence should be changed to read "... impact armor by 1."

p. 67 Muscle Augmentation (Table) [3]
The Legality Rating should read 4P-Q.

p. 67 Muscle Toner (Table) [3]
The Legality Rating should read 4P-Q

p. 69 Symbiotes Game Effects [4]
Add the following:

Symbiotes help to heal both Physical and Stun damage.

p. 70 Symbiotes Game Effects [3]
Add this sentence, after the second paragraph but before the Stress effects:

Do not add in the Bio Index cost of symbiotes when calculating the effects of bioware on longer healing periods (see p. 78).

p. 72 Cerebral Booster [4]
Under Game Effects, change the second paragraph to:

A Level 2 booster also adds a Task Pool (see p. 48) of 1 that can only be applied towards skills with Intelligence as their linked attribute.

p. 73 Mnemonic Enhancer [4]
Under Game Effects, change the third paragraph to read:

Because memory retention is key to learning, the Karma cost for learning or improving skills and specializations is reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1) for any character with a mnemonic enhancer.

p. 77 Bioware Grades [3]
Change the information in the parentheses of the first sentence of the third paragraph to read "25 percent less Bio Index; see below"

p. 77 Bioware Grades [4]
Add the following line:

Finding a bioware clinic follows the rules on p. 40. Cultured bioware can only be obtained from beta-level or higher clinics. It is recommended that cultured bioware not be available to starting characters.

p. 77 Acquiring Basic Bioware Table [3]
Change "Essence Index" to "Bio Index" in the table headers

p. 78 Lesser Immunity [3]
The first full sentence a the top of the page should read:

For every 2 full points of Bio Index, add 1 to the Power of any disease Š

p. 78 Lesser Immunity [4]
Add the following:

Do not count the Bio Index values of bioware that is specifically designed to protect against such substances; for example, the Bio Index of digestive expansion does not count against ingested toxins.

p. 78 Bioware and the Awakened [4]
Replace the third, fourth and fifth paragraphs with the following:

In game terms, bioware reduces an Awakened character's Magic rating in a way similar to Essence loss. Magic is reduced by the character's Bio Index divided by 2 (round down).

The effects of Bio Index and Essence reduction on Magic are cumulative, so the two should be combined before determining how Magic is affected. Magic has a starting value equal to the character's Essence minus (Bio Index ÷ 2), rounded down. So a starting magician with Essence 5.8 and a Bio Index of 1 begins with a Magic rating of 5 (5.8 - 0.5 = 5.3, rounded down to 5). Further increases in Bio Index (or reductions in Essence) may also affect the Magic rating whenever the total falls beneath a whole number. If the same magician later acquires more bioware, raising his Bio Index to 2, he will lose an additional point of Magic (5.8 - 1 = 4.8, rounded to 4).

Magic reduction from bioware functions like other forms of Magic loss-adepts lose some of their powers, for example. Geasa can be used to counteract magic loss from bioware and a character can still initiate to raise his Magic rating.

p. 79 Reflex Boosters [3]
Add "or spells" after "adept powers"

p. 93 Nanosymbiotes [4]
Add the following:

Nanosymbiotes reduce the base time for healing boxes of Stun damage to 30 minutes each.

p. 113 FAE Bomb Table [4]
Price should be Rating x 500¥.

p. 120 Laés Table [4]
The Legality for Laés should be 6P-X.

p. 121 Table [3]
The Damage for Seven-7 should be "10D" not "10D Stun"

p. 126 Stress Test [3]
In the second paragraph change the second sentence to read: "Use half the unaugmented Attribute Value for Attribute Stress Tests."

p. 138 Mobile Medical Shops [4]
Replace the second half of the first paragraph with the following:

Mobile clinics are often cramped; the number of patients and medtechs they can accommodate is determined by the vehicle's People Space (see pp. 120 and 152, Rigger 3).

p. 139 Vehicle Modification [4]
This section was cut, as it was superseded by p. 152, Rigger 3.

p. 139 Valkyrie Module [4]
In the second sentence, change the part in parentheses to read:

"see the Valkyrie Module modification on p. 155, Rigger 3, for statistics"
At the end of the third paragraph, replace the Rigger 2 reference with: Issuing Commands, p. 157, SR3

In the fifth paragraph, change the Rigger 2 reference to p. 44, Rigger 3.

Change all Learning Pool references to Adaptation Pool.

p. 151 Surgical Costs Table [4]
Add the following costs for Cosmetic Surgery:

Light 25¥ x Biotech Skill
Moderate 50¥ x Biotech Skill
Serious 100¥ x Biotech Skill

p. 153 Chemical Analyzer and Gas Spectrometer [3]
Essence Cost should be ".2" not "2"

p. 154 Bodyware Table [3]
The Move-by-Wire Legality Rating for all versions should read 3P-R

p. 156 Bioware Table [3]
Muscle Augmentation Legality Rating should read 4P-Q.

p. 156 Bioware Table [3]
Muscle Toner Legality Rating should read 4P-Q

p. 157 Pharmaceutical Compounds (Effects) [3]
The Damage for Seven-7 should be "10D" not "10D Stun"

p. 158 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals [3]
Neuro-stun VIII was left off the table. Add the following line:

  Availability Cost Street Index Legality
Neuro-stun VIII 4/24 hrs 20¥ 1.5 6P-X

p. 158 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals [4]
The Legality for Laés should be 6P-X.

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