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Shadowrun 3rd Edition Errata
Version 4.1
Date: 02/28/2004

All changes are reflected in the corrected thirteenth printing of Shadowrun, Third Edition (the fourth printing by FanPro). Many changes have been made over time, so some earlier printings may not have all of the corrections. The printing on which a correction was made is noted in [brackets] after each entry below.

To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 5 in the third column after the credits. No indication means first or second printing.

Note that a number of minor typos, incorrect page references and other small cosmetic changes have been made, but are not listed here.

p. 13: The Map, North America (circa 2060) [6]
Added Tsimshian Nation.

p. 40: Race [10]
In the second column, the second sentence in the paragraph on trolls should end as follows:
" ... less charismatic (lower Charisma) and less acute (lower Intelligence) than humans."

p. 47: Why do those people act that way? [3]
The first two lines on this page, " ... wilderness to life in crowded city streets; though quite ... " are repeated from the bottom of page 46.

p. 55: Full Magicians [3]
In the second line of the first column replace the word Force with the word Karma.

p. 58: Troll Combat Mage Skills Example [5]
In the second column, under the Active Skills list, the troll's Etiquette (Street) should be 2 (4).

p. 59: Language Skills [3]
The end of the third sentence should read, " ... equal to 1.5 x Intelligence Rating (round down)."

pp. 61-62, 68, 326: Covert Ops Specialist [11]
A miscalculated cost in the Covert Ops Specialist's cyberware was corrected. The specialist now has retinal duplication at Rating 3, and some gear has been removed (basic DocWagon contract, laser mic, 5 rounds of EX ammo and starting nuyen).

p. 63: Dice Pool Example [3]
The Combat Mage's Spell Pool dice calculation is wrong. The Spell Pool is 5. Even in 2060, 4 + 6 + 6 = 16, and 16 3 = 5. The Dice Pool appears correctly on the Combat Mage record sheet, p. 326.

p. 65, Adept Sample Character [11]
The adept had 0.5 power points too many. His Improved Unarmed Combat power was reduced to 1, reducing his Unarmed Combat skill to 6 (7).

p. 67: Combat Mage [5]
Etiquette (Street) should be "2 (4)."

p. 71: The Investigator [5]
His Electronics Skill should be 4.

p. 75: The Street Samurai [3]
This character was calculated with Resources at Priority A (1,000,000) and Attributes at Priority B. The priorities were simply mislabeled. The record sheet on p. 328 accurately reflects Resources at Priority A and Attributes at Priority B.

p. 82: Skills and Linked Attributes Table [10]
Aura reading should be followed with an asterik. The beginning of the asteriked footnote should be changed to read: "Aura Reading, Sorcery and Conjuring have ... "

p. 84: Specialization Example [3]
This example includes text left over from an earlier version. Remove the final paragraph of the example.

p. 89: Fixed-Wing Aircraft [10]
This skill should actually be called "Winged Aircraft," as it appears on the Skills and Linked Attributes Table. All references to "Fixed-Wing Aircraft" on this page (under the Default headings of linked skills) should be replaced with "Winged Aircraft."

p. 108: Movement [3]
In the second sentence of the second paragraph, replace the term "Combat Phase" with the term "Combat Turn". Replace the last sentence with, "Characters can begin the turn stationary and declare their movement during any subsequent Combat Phase."

p. 108: Movement Rate [3]
In the first paragraph, add the word "maximum" before the words "Walking Rate" and "Running Rate."

Replace the second paragraph with the following text:

Movement during a Combat Turn is divided evenly between the turn's Initiative Passes. The maximum distance a character can move is equal to the character's maximum Movement Rate for the type of movement being used in that turn, divided by the total number of Initiative Passes (rounding up) in that Combat Turn. The result is the maximum number of meters a character can move during each Initiative Pass. If the character moves at all (even a single meter), he is assumed to be moving at the rate he declared and suffers the appropriate movement modifiers to his actions. If the character does not move, he must still reduce his maximum available movement for the turn by the number of meters allowed in each pass. Characters may cOntinue to move during passes in which they have no available actions, moving their maximum distance for that pass after all other characters have taken their actions.

Replace the example with the following text:

Twitch, the elf samurai, has a Quickness of 6. His maximum Running Rate is 18 meters (6 x 3) and his maximum Walking Rate is 6 meters. There are 3 Initiative Passes in the current Combat Turn, which means that Twitch can run for 6 meters or walk for 2 meters during each Initiative Pass. Because Twitch is standing still and firing his gun for the first pass, the movement mode doesn't matter. His target decides to run, so on Twitch's Combat Phase of the second Initiative Pass, he declares he will run. He moves 6 meters for this pass, and if he continues to run through the next pass he will run 6 more (for a total of 12 for the entire Combat Turn). Because Twitch did not move in the first pass, he "loses" those 6 meters.

p. 111: Weapon Range Table [4]
The Long Range target number for a Grenade Launcher is 8; see p. 119, SR3.

p. 115: Full-Auto Mode [5]
Add the following line to the second paragraph: "Weapons capable of full auto fire can fire up to 10 rounds in one Combat Phase."

p. 116: Gel Rounds [12]
Add the following after the third line: "Impact armor, not Ballistic, applies."

p. 117: Shotguns [10]
The last sentence of the third paragraph should read: " ... and then along a four-meter path until the twenty-meter point, and so on."

p. 121: Whips [5]
In the second paragraph, remove the phrase "Armed Combat" and replace it with "Whip"

p. 122: Whips [3]
Replace the third sentence on the page (second paragraph) with, "Double the Impact Armor Rating against normal whips. Normal whips may snare their victim (see p. 276)."

p. 122: Melee Weapons Table [10]
Add "Stun" after the Damage Codes for Plastic, Aluminum and Titanium Bone Lacing.

p. 123: Damage Resistance Test [6]
Replace the part of the sentence that reads "minus the defending character's Impact Armor Rating" with "minus their Impact Armor Rating."

p. 132: Decelerating Example [5]
In the last paragraph, Chazz should be making a Crash Test, not a Body Resistance Test. (If you are using Rigger 2 rules, then the Body Resistance Test is correct.)

p. 133: Autonav [10]
Remove the following text from the first sentence of the third paragraph: "and is the maximum allowed by motorcycles."

p. 134: Rigger in Control [10]
The last line should read: " ... by an amount equal to the VCR rating."

p. 142: Positioning Example [11]
Change the Handling Rating of the Mach 6 from 4 to 3 in the first paragraph of the example (that of a Westwind 2000 and also in accordance to previous examples).

p. 143: Positioning Example [11]
Change the final Target Number for the test from 5 to 3 in the final paragraph of the first example in order to account for the previous errata.

p. 144: Hiding Example [11]
Change the Mach 6's Handling Rating from 6 to 3 in the second paragraph.
Replace the first sentence of the last paragraph with the following text: "The -4 modifier gives Rigger X a final Target Number -1, which rounds up to 2 (because no target number can have a value less than 2)."

p. 145: Rigger Damage [10]
The beginning of the third sentence should be changed to read:

"This Damage Resistance Test is made with Willpower and includes any effects ... "

p. 149: Attacks Against a Vehicle [12]
Change the last paragraph in the first column to read:

Whenever a vehicle sustains Serious damage from a single attack or all the boxes on a vehicle's Condition Monitor are filled, the driver must make a Crash Test (see Crashing, p. 147). Vehicles that reach Destroyed are no longer operable.

p. 153: Sensor Enhanced Gunnery Example [6]
The actual result is the "2". Replace the comma with a period and cut the rest of the line to the next period.

p. 156: Dump Shock [10]
Add the following to the end of the third bullet point: " ... with Willpower."

p. 157: Issuing Commands [10]
Cut the entire sixth paragraph (beginning with "Additionally, riggers may use ... ") from this section. This rule was leftover from SR2 and no longer applies.

p. 169: Improved Physical Attribute [3]
In the second paragraph, replace "racial maximums" with "racial modified limit."

p. 169: Improved Physical Attribute [11]
In the last line, it should say "each level over the limit costs double" (ie., replace "maximum" with "limit").

p. 174: Astral Combat Tests [3]
In the second sentence of the third paragraph, replace "Armed Combat" with "an armed combat skill."

p. 181: Spell Learning Example [12]
Replace second paragraph with the following text:

Alternately, if Bones decided he could risk the physical Drain and wanted to make the Fireball spell easier to learn instead, he could apply the -2 modifier to the Force of the spell, reducing both the target number and the Karma cost. His target number would be 14 (8 x 2 = 16 and 16 - 2 = 14) and he needs to spend only 6 Karma.

p. 182: Sorcery Test [12]
Add the following sentence to the 4th paragraph, before the sentence that begins..."Consult Object Resistance Table..."

"The Force of the spell must be equal to or greater than half the Object Resistance, rounded down, for it to affect an object. Vehicles add Body and half armor to object resistance before dividing in half."

p. 183: Spell Effect [3]
Add the following sentence to the end of the third paragraph. "For any spells that damage the target, stage up the Damage Level for every 2 net successes."

p. 186: Summoning Elementals [5]
The first sentence of the second paragraph should read: "If the Conjuring Test is successful, the conjuring materials are used up, and the elemental materializes before its summoner, outside the hermetic circle."

p. 190: Expendable Spell Foci [6]
Add the phrase "to cast" after the phrase "Exclusive Complex Action" in the last sentence of the first paragragh.

p. 192: Analyze Device [3]
Change the second sentence as follows. "Every two successes gives the character a single skill point in a corresponding or logical Background or Build/Repair Skill Rating for the device in question, up to maximum skill rating or bonus equal to the Force of the spell."

p. 192: Combat Sense [3]
The Force of the Combat Sense spell limits the success of the spell. Replace the sentence, "Every 2 successes on the Sorcery Test add 1 die to the subject's Combat Pool for the duration of the spell." with, "Every 2 successes on the Sorcery Test add 1 die to the subject's Combat Pool for the duration of the spell, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell."

p. 193: Detect Magic [6]
Target: should read "See table p. 192" and the Drain should read "L".

p. 193: Detox [3]
Change the first sentence as follows. "Detox relieves the effects of a drug or poison, as long as the Force of the spell is equal to or greater than the Power Rating of the toxin."

p. 194: Heal and Treat Spells [4]
Replace the first sentence of the second paragraph with the following: "Treat must be applied within one hour of injury, but it takes only half the normal time (round down) for the spell to become permanent. Heal may be applied anytime."

p. 194: Healthy Glow [3]
Replace the second half of the final sentence beginning with, " ... the effects of the spell do wear off over time ..." with, "the spell wears off in Force x 24 hours."

p. 194: Stabilize [3]
Add the following sentence after the first sentence. "The spell's Force must be equal to or greater than the overflow damage taken by the character for this spell to have any effect on the injured character."

p. 195: Illusion Spells [13] In the third paragraph, change the third sentence to read:
"If the observer generates equal or more successes in a Resistance Test, then the observer determines that the illusion is not real."

p. 198: Armor [3]
Replace the text of this spell with the following text (the printed text is an old version of the spell).

This spell creates a glowing field of magical energy around the target that protects against impact and ballistic damage. One success is enough to create the magical field around the character of an Armor Rating equal to the Force of the spell. The Armor spell is compatible with all armor types and adds its rating to the rating of the physical armor being worn. This spell either works or it doesn't; extra successes do not add additional points to the Armor Rating.

p. 198: Ice Sheet [3]
In the second sentence, replace "Quickness (6) Test" with the following text: " ... Quickness (Force) Test to avoid falling prone, adding +1 to the target number for every 2 successes, up to a maximum bonus equal to the Force of the spell."

p. 198: Ignite [3]
Add to the end of the third sentence, " ... limited to a number of successes equal to the spell's Force."

p. 217: Locate Slave [10]
The Utility used should be "Browse," not "Analyze."

p. 220: Deception [10]
Add "Null Operation" to the list of System Operations.

p. 221: Track [3]
In the second sentence of the second paragraph, remove the words "freeze or" and change the word "IC" to "utility."

p. 223: Program Size Table [10]
The entry for Program Rating 14 and Multiplier 9 should be "1,764."

p. 226: Icon Damage [11]
Replace the third and fourth paragraphs, and the following example, with the following:

"The icon that has been hit rolls a Damage Resistance Test, using its Bod Rating against a target number equal to the Power of the damage. For IC programs that take damage, make a Damage Resistance Test using the host's Security Value. The armor utility reduces the Power for the test.

Compare the attacker and defender's successes. If the attacker achieved more successes, for every 2 net successes stage the Damage Level of the attack up by 1 level. If the defender achieved more, stage down the Damage Level by 1 level for every 2 net successes.

Cassie is attacked by a Killer-6 program on an Orange host, so she faces 6S damage. The IC achieves 3 successes on its Attack Test. Cassie is running an Armor-4 utility, which reduces the Power of the attack to 2. Cassie makes a Bod (2) Test and achieves 4 successes. She achieved only 1 net success, so the damage is not staged down, and her persona takes Serious damage."

p. 229: Rippers [5]
The last sentence of the first paragraph should read: "Replacing the MPCP is the only way to restore this damage."

p. 238: The Meet [10]
In the first paragraph, replace the two mentions of "Willpower" with "Intelligence."

p. 244: Exceeding the Racial Modified Limit [3]
In the last sentence of the first paragraph, the cost of the improvement is 21 Good Karma Points, not 14.

p. 244: Improving Skills [3]
In the second sentence, add the word "natural" before the phrase "Attribute Rating."

p. 245: Learning New Skills [10]
The last sentence of the second paragraph should read: " ... equal to the base skill's Linked Attribute Rating."

p. 245: Skill Improvement Cost Table [3]

Less than or equal to Attribute Rating 0.5
Less than or equal to (2 x Attribute Rating) 1
More than (2 x Attribute Rating) 1.5

p. 254: Searching the Matrix [5]
In the third paragraph, the second sentence should read: "The maximum number of searches that a decker can conduct at any one time is equal to half the character's Intelligence, rounded up."

p. 265: Movement [3]
The Movement power rules were expanded for the Critter book in the Shadowrun, Third Edition Gamemaster Screen and should read as follows:

The being may use the Movement power to increase or decrease a target's movement rate within the terrain it controls by multiplying or dividing the target's movement rate by the being's Essence.

When the Movement power is used on vehicles, the critter makes an Essence Test with a target number equal to half the vehicle's Body. Multiply the successes by the vehicle's Acceleration Rating and add the result to or subtract it from the vehicle's Speed in the next Combat Turn (similar to the vehicle making an Acceleration or Deceleration Test). The critter may continue making Essence Tests to increase or decrease the vehicle's speed each Combat Turn it sustains the Movement power. Depending on the situation, this change in speed may call for a Crash or Stress Test.

p. 266: Nature Spirits [3]
The text header Spirits of Man is missing from the stat block at the bottom of the second column.

p. 273: Street Index and Cost [8]
In the last sentence of the second paragraph, change the last word from "Willpower" to "Intelligence".

p. 273: Legality Codes [3]
The last sentence of the first full paragraph in the second column contains a page XX reference. Cut this reference, as Permits, the section referred to, appears at the bottom of the page.

p. 275 Personal Weapons Table [10]
Move Combat Axe to under the Pole Arms/Staffs header, not Edged Weapons.

Also, the Damage entry from shock gloves should read: "(STR - 1)M Stun + 7S Stun"

p. 275: Monofilament Whip [5]
In the second paragraph, replace "Armed Combat Test" with "Whip Test."

p. 276 Impact Projectile Weapons Table [6]
The Heavy Crossbow's damage code is 6S.

p. 277: Hecker & Koch HK227 [12]
Replaced "silencer" with "sound suppressor" (SMGs can't use silencers).

p. 278: Firearms Table [5]
In the listing for the Defiance Super Shock, add the word "Stun" after the 10S Damage Code.

p. 280: Gel Rounds [12]
Replace the last line with "Impact armor, not ballistic, applies."

p. 281: Silencer [11]
Silencers apply a +2 modifier to any attempt to notice the weapon's use, not +4.

p. 284: Clothing and Armor Table [3]
The stats for Camo Full Suit and Camo Jacket were reversed and should read as follows:

  Conceal Ballistic Impact Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Camo Jacket - 3 1 1.5 4/36 hrs 800 1 Legal
Camo Full Suit - 5 3 2 5/36 hrs 1,200 1 Legal

p. 285: Armor and Combat Pool [10]
In the second sentence of the first paragraph, the text should read, " ... for every 2 full points that a character's separate Ballistic and Impact Armor Ratings exceed his Quickness Attribute, reduce his Combat Pool by one die."

This also changes the last sentence of the example in Layering Armor to read that Twitch loses 2 dice from his Combat Pool.

p. 286: Entertainment Table [12]
The Concealability of the following items was changed: music playback unit (9), video playback unit (8), Sony Beautiful Dreamer (8), Novatech Sandman (6). The weights of these items were also changed: music and video playback units (.5), quad speakers (5), Sony Beautiful Dreamer (.5), Novatech Sandman (1).

p. 287: Electronics Table [12]
The Concealability of the following items was changed: wrist-model cellphone (8), handset cellphone (10), earplug cellphone (12), pocket secretary (8), table top computer (4), pocket computer (8), wrist computer (6), printer (4), data display unit (6). The weights of the following items were also changed: telecom (5), handset cellphone (-), table top computer (3), printer (2), data display unit (1), headset unit (.5) and heads-up display (.5).

p. 294: Security Countermeasures Table [3]
The stats for Wire Clippers did not appear on this table.

  Conceal Weight Availability Cost Street Index Legal
Wire Clippers 12 1 Always 25 1 Legal

p. 296: Memory Size [10]
Remove the last sentence of the paragraph (the one beginning with "See the Program Costs and Availability Table ... ").

p. 296: Skillsofts and Chips Table [12]
The price for optical memory chips should be Mp x 0.5, and the Concealability of the skillsoft jukebox was changed to 6.

p. 300: Bone Lacing [10]
In the first paragraph, before the last sentence, add: "(See the Bone Lacing table, p. 303.)"

p. 300: Boosted Reflexes [10]
To the very end, add: "See the Boosted Reflexes table, p. 303."

p. 302: Bodyware Table [3]
The Essence cost for Skillwires should be .2 x Max Rating.

p. 305: Stimulant Patch [3]
The fifth sentence should read as follows. " ... the magician must follow the procedure for possible Magic loss ... ."

p. 307: Vehicle Weapon Mounts [10]
In the last paragraph of this section, add the following text to the end of the second to last sentence. " ... but each missile or rocket will reduce the aircraft's Load Rating."

p. 307: Ares Vermicide Autocannon [5]
Replace "single-shot" with "semi-auto."

pp. 307-12: Vehicle Stats [12]
All of the vehicle listings were updated to match Rigger 3.

p. 326: Combat Decker [12]
Replace "Camo" utility (not in SR3) with "Cloak."

p. 328: Street Mage and Street Shaman [12]
Roomsweeper damage corrected to "9S(f)"

p. 328: Street Samurai [12]
Removed extra Ingram Smartgun. Also, Damage Code for EX rounds corrected to 11M.

p. 329: Tech Wiz [12]
Range for his Roomsweeper corrected to normal HP ranges.

p. 329: Vehicle Rigger [12]
Range for his Enfield corrected to normal shotgun ranges. Underbarrel grenade launcher ranges also added. Replace the Wasp's Ingram Valiant with an AK-97 (LMGs don't fit in micro-turrets).

p. 329: Weapons Specialist [12]
Damage Code for heavy crossbow corrected to 6S.

Record Sheet [4]
The Vehicle box on the record sheet has been corrected to include Armor, Signature, Sensor, Cargo Factor and Load.

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