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Shadowrun Companion
Version 2.0
Date: 7/20/2001

All changes will be reflected in the corrected fourth printing of the Shadowrun Companion (revised for Shadowrun, Third Edition).
To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 4 in the second column after the credits. No indication means first or second printing. There were no corrections in the second printing. Entries marked with an asterik are new changes that do not appear in the corrected third printing.
Please address all comments on this errata to

p. 14: Attributes Example
Change the last sentence of the last full paragraph to read: He now has (123 - 60 =) 63 Building Point Left.

*p. 15: Skills Example
The first sentence of the first paragraph should end with " ... (leaving him 15)."
The last two sentences of the second paragraph should read:
"For languages, he takes English 4 (Read/Write 2) and Italian 3 (Read/Write 1). Looking his skills over, he decides to specialize to Etiquette 2 (Underworld 4)."

p. 15: Resources Example
Change the first sentence to read: Anton has 15 Building Points left, which he spends to get 200,000 nuyen.

*p. 20: Natural Immunity
Replace both instances in the third paragraph where "(Body 2) days" appears with "(30 - Body) 2 hours."

*p. 29: Jack Itch
The last line should read:
" ... reduce the modifier by 1 every (10 - Willpower) minutes."

*p. 31: Flaws Table
Combat Paralysis' Point Value should be -4 and Bad Karma's Point Value should be -5.

p. 74: Amerindian Tribesperson
Under Active Skills: Biotech and Etiquette should both be rated 3.

p. 75: Company Man
Under Active Skills: Etiquette should be rated 4.

p. 76: Gang Leader
Under Active Skills: Etiquette should be rated 3.

p. 77: Plainclothes Cop
Under Active Skills: Etiquette should be rated 4.

*p. 77: Plainclothes Cop
Under Active Skills, the Law Enforcement Specialization of Etiquette should be 5.

p. 78: Snitch
Under Active Skills: the skill should read Etiquette 2 (Street 4).

p. 78: Street Doc
Under Active Skills: Computer should be rated 3.

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