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Gamemaster Screen and Critters Book
Version 3.0
Date: 12/22/2004

Only some changes are reflected in the 2nd corrected printing of the Shadowrun, Third Edition Gamemaster Screen and Critters book.

To determine which printing you have, consult the notation on p. 3 in the third column after the credits. No indication means first printing.

The number in [brackets] after each entry indicates which printing the correction was implemented on. An entry with no number in brackets means that the correction does not appear in any printed versions. All corrections have been made in the PDF versions of the GM Screen and Critters Sourcebook available on

On The Screen

Resolving Ranged Combat Table [2]
Point 4 should read as follows:

4. Resolve Dodge Test (Combat Pool against TN 4 plus modifiers; if defender's successes exceed attacker's, the attack misses).

In Critters

Page 8: Cold Aura Power [2]
Change Range to Self

Page 8: Corrosive Saliva
Change Action to Complex rather than Free. Replace the end of the second sentence with "... as a Complex Action, with a range of (Essence x 2) meters."

Page 11: Innate Spell
Delete the sentence "Effects that mimic elemental manipulation spells cannot be completely dodged with Combat Pool alone."
Also, change the drain to (Essence ÷ 2)S.

Page 13: Noxious Breath
Replace Range with "Special." Add the following line:
This blast of breath extends in a cone out to (Body) meters; apply the shotgun spread rules (p. 117, SR3) as if the attack had a choke rating of 2.

Page 16: Creating Mutant Critters [2]
Change the last sentence of the second point to read:
If a creature has a paranormal ability, reduce its Essence by 3 (to a minimum of 1), but any Essence-based power (for example, fear) functions at the creature's old Essence Rating (usually 6) plus half the difference between the new and old ratings (round up).

Page 17: Creating Mutant Critters Example [2]
Change entire paragraph to read:

If the bear hit an unarmored character with its corrosive secretions power, that character would have to make a Damage Resistance Test at 9L the bear's old Essence of 6 plus half the difference between ratings (6 - 1 = 5, divided by 2 = 2.5, rounded up to 3).

Page 19: Normal Critters Table and Metahuman Averages
Change the stats for the following critters/metatypes:

Elephant: S 25, Attacks 8D, +1 Reach
Rhinoceros: S 20, Attacks 10D
Dwarf: Q 3, R 3
Troll: B 8 (9), S 5, C 2, I 2, R 2

Page 27: Each-Uisge
Delete the Notes and add the Power of Binding.

Page 31: Gomatia
Add the following to the Notes:
This tongue attack has a Reach of 2.

Page 34: Knocker
Delete the text in parentheses after Glamour.

Page 47: Volleying Porcupine
Change the last line of the first paragraph under Notes to read: "... for each point of Reach above 0 ... "

Page 48: Wild Minotaur and Woolly Mammth
Delete the Notes and add the Power of Immunity (Illusions).

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