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European Terms and Slang
by Shadows of Europe Authors

Term Meaning/English Translation
aufgemotzt (adj) cybernetically enhanced
bulle (pl. bullen) (n.) Cop (lit. "bull")
depp (n.) Idiot (Bavarian slang), derogatory
flocken (n.) Nuyen, money (lit. "flakes")
geil (adj.) Wiz, cool
hauer (n.) Ork, derogatory
Herr Schmidt (n.) Mr. Johnson
kon (pl. kons) (n.) Corp (corps) (short for konzern)
krank (adj.) Sick
netz (n.) Matrix
penner (n.) Squatter
pfaffe (n.) Member of the Cloth, derogatory
piste (n.) The Autobahn
strassenzauberer (n.) Street sorcerer
umnieten (v) Gun somebody down
Wumme (n.) Gun

abbrannt (adj.) Out of cred
abzwickter (n.) Dwarf
adabei (n.) Face
anblasen, angstraat, antschechert (adj.) Drunk
baggage (n.) Rabble
bluatwiesn (n.) Area for gang fights
damisch (adj.) Mad
das ist mir blunzen (exp.) I couldn't care less
dillo, trottel, depp, dol, dodl (n.) Idiot
faschieren (v.) To kill someone
fiaker (n.) Rigger
galerie (n.) Viennese underworld
geil (adj.) Cool
glacéstrizz (n.) Leading gangster who doesn't have to get his hands dirty
gschaftlhuber (n.) Fixer
Doktor Nowak (n.) Mr. Johnson
haberer, spezi (n.) Chummer
hackler (n.) Worker; also shadowrunner
hackn (n.) Job
häfen (n.) Prison
hin (adj.) Dead
holzpyjama (n.) Coffin
inspector, kieberer (n.) Policeman
pallawatsch (n.) Job gone wrong
puffen (n.) Gun
pülcher (n.) Shadowrunner
randsteinpflanze (n.) Prostitute (lit. "curb plant")
riegel (n.) Troll
sandler (n.) Homeless person, squatter
saumagen (n.) Ork
schleich (n.) Black market
servas (exp.) Hello
stanzen (v.) To fire someone; to set a killer on someone; to kill someone
tschik (n.) Cigarette
zwirnblader (n.) Elf

Czech Republic/Czech
BeTLík (n.) BTL addict
bouchacka (n.) Gun
burzoust (n.) High society person, derogatory
chlap (n.) Chummer
datový otrok (n.) Dataslave, corporate decker or other data processing employee
fetiamen (n.) Talismonger (lit. "fetishman")
fizl (n.) Cop
hlavoun (n.) Corporate executive
kamos (n.) Chummer
kaeft (n.) Business, crime
kjámoa (pl. Kámo) (n.) Chummer
led (n.) IC, security software
mokrá práce (n.) Wetwork
motogang (n.) Go-gang
nádrátovaný (adj.) Wired
oblek (n.) Suit, straight citizen
odálit (exp..) Buzz off, go away
Pan Jonáa (n.) Mr. Johnson
pasa'k (n.) Fixer, also pimp (lit. "shepherd")
podnik (n.) Corporation
podsveti (n.) The shadows
polda (n.) A cop
sejmout (v.) To kill
vílák (n.) Elf, derogatory
vykopnut, vyhozen (adj.) Dumped, involuntarily ejected from the Matrix
zlatadata (n.) Paydata

arrangeur (n.) Fixer
asperge (n.) Elf, derogatory (lit. "asparagus")
baltringue, blaireau, branquem cave (n.) Punk
bordel (n.) Brothel
bordel! (exp.) Holy drek!
bourré (adj.) Drunk
buter (v) To kill
came (n.) Drug or merchandise (often illegal)
camé (adj) Junkie
canné (adj) Dead
chié! (exp) Drek!
coffrer (v) To arrest, capture (lit. "to put in a case")
conseiller (n.) Fixer (lit. "advisor")
costard (n.) Suit, corporate agent
cousin (n.) Snitch (for cops), chummer
défourailler (v.) To draw a gun and fire like crazy
dessouder (v) To kill (lit. to "un-weld")
entuber (v) To swindle (lit. "to put in a tube")
flic (n.) Cop, derogatory
flingue, pétoire (n.) Gun
flinguer (v) To shoot, fire a weapon; to injure, kill
gargouille (n.) Cop, derogatory (lit. "gargoyle")
guillotine (n.) Wetwork
La Haute (n.) Nobility, derogatory (lit. "the high")
Les Sang-Bleus (n.) Nobility, derogatory (lit. "the blue bloods")
mago (n.) Magician
mec, pote (n.) Chummer (lit. "guy/bloke," "friend")
médor (n.) Cop, also a common dog name, derogatory
Monsieur Dupont (n.) Mr. Johnson
mortel (adj) Lethal, also very cool
on est mal (exp) We're in trouble
ombre (n.) Shadowrunner (lit. "shadow")
pgre (n.) Organized crime
pez (n.) Cred, money
raide (adj) Drunk, dead, without money (lit. "rigid")
refroidir (v) To kill (lit. "to ice," cool down)
ruskof (n., adj.) Russian (and by extension, all Vory), derogatory
sulfateuse (n.) Automatic weapon
tank (n.) Heavily cybered shadowrunner
taupe (n.) Infiltrated spy (lit. "mole")
tige, crayon (n.) Credstick (lit. "stem/cigarette," "pencil")
tox, toxico (n.) Junkie

Italian Confederation/Italian
Azzeccagarbugli (n.) Fixer (lit. "knot untier")
baciapile (n.) Churchgoing conservative Catholic
basta (exp.) Enough, "end of discussion"
dio cane (n.) A Catholic (lit. "god dog"), derogatory
capo (n.) Mob lieutenant (lit. "chief")
ceffo (n.) Ork or troll, derogatory
centri sociali (n.) anarchist or left-wing communes common in GeMiTo and Mezzogiorno
colpire il ghiaccio (exp.) To deck (lit. "spike the ice")
colpo (n.) Run or mission (lit. "a hit")
denaro (n.) Hard cash
largo (n.) Thug/muscle
morbida (adj) Sexy woman (lit. "softy"), derogatory
notte brava (exp.) A night on the town, also a tough run (lit. "a hard night")
padrino (n.) Mob Godfather
palo (n.) Infomonger, originally slang for a "lookout"
picciotti (n.) Made man, Mob footsoldier
prete (n.) Conservative, old-fashioned priest, derogatory
razzo (n.) Rigged vehicle (lit. "rocket)
sacerdote or prete (n.) Priest; prete has currently fallen from common usage and is seen as derogatory meaning conservative old-fashioned style priest.
sbirro (n.) Cop, derogatory
Schumo (n.) rigger or escape driver (derived from "Schumi" aka Michael Schumacher, the Ferrari driver, who's seen as the second-coming in Italy. Really.)
strega (n.) Traditional witch or streetwitch
Tendopoli (n.) huge shanty towns and tent cities found in the GeMiTo barrens
ultima parola (exp.) The last word, the bottom line

bojownik (pl. bojownicy) (n.) AK guerrilla (lit. "freedom fighter)
chorągiew (n.) Go-gang
czarodziej (male)/czarownica (female) (n.) Spellcaster
czerwoni/czerwone psy (n.) Russians, derogatory (lit. "reds/red dogs")
glina (pl. gliny) (n.) Cop
klamka (n.) Pistol (lit. "handle")
kosiara (n.) Automatic weapon (lit. "mower")
koszałek (pl. koszałki) (n.) Dwarf
Kowalski (n.) Mr. Johnson
moskal (pl. moskale) (n.) Russian
partyzant (pl. partyzanci) (n.) Liberation Army volunteer (lit. "partisan")
rybokrata (pl. rybokraci or rybokrats) (n.) Rybi_ski regime government official (lit. "fish-o-crat")
sennik (n.) BTL (lit. "dream book")
syndykat (pl. syndykaty) (n.) Polish organized crime outfit (lit. "syndicate")
sz-korp (pl. sz-korpy) (n.) Saeder-Krupp exec (from "szkop," Polish slang for "German")
wiedźma (n.) Witch
weidźmin (n.) Somatic adept

artilhado (adj.) Wired
artilheiro (n.) Mercenary or samurai, heavy-weapon or wired type
bronca grossa (exp.) Big drek, normally a betrayal or frag up
Baixa (n.) Downtown
baptista (n.) Mafia member
bófia (n.) Cop
buraco (n.) Safehouse (lit. "hole" as in "hole in the wall")
Brigada do Reumático (n.) The heads of the rich and conservative families of Portugal (lit. "rheumatic brigade"), derogatory
camone (n.) Rich foreigner (ready to be fleeced).
cheta (n.) or troco (n.) Cred, loose change or pocket cash.
Chico Esperto (n.) Infomonger or snitch
chuveiro (n.) Shooting, guns blazing (lit. "shower")
criolo (n.) Afro-European
cromo (n.) Someone extremely skillful in something (from "cromo da bola," lit. "soccer card")
Gambuzino (n.) Something that everyone has heard about but no one has seen, from local legendary critter
grunho (n.) Ork, trog, changeling or metavariant, derogatory
Kapa (n.) Kussondulola member
fino (n.) Cool!
Infante (n.) Lusiada security man
Luso (n.) Corper, esp. Lusiada sarariman, also (adj.) Portuguese
LX(n.) The Greater Lisbon sprawl (pronounced "ell-shish")
maquintista (n.) Vehicle rigger
molho (n.) Hand-to-hand combat (lit. "hot sauce")
navalha (n.) Street samurai, also bladed weapon
passador (n.) Dealer
patrício (n.) Fixer
primo (n.) Cousin, coll. for friend/chummer
rewind (n.) Make a getaway after a run (from the English)
rippar (v.) Steal, deck or snatch
seletah (n.) Turf or exclusive area for a community
tasca (n.) Private bar, one of the many dens in Lisbon
trolha (n.) Troll, derogatory
tuga (n.) Native Portuguese
verde (n.) Cash (lit. "green")
Zuca (adj.) or xara (n.) Brazilian immigrant/ex-pat
XPTO (adj.) SOTA or just high-tech gear with many features
xunga (adj. or n) Runner; someone, something or someplace that is sleazy and disreputable; derogatory

Scandinavian Union/Danish, Finnish, Norwegian & Swedish
dask (n.) Money
bøffe (v.) To steal
brekk (n.) Crime
gønner (n.) Gun
herpe (v.) To make a run on
kjømmer (n.) Chummer
kverke (v.) To kill or destroy
purk/snut (n.) Cop, security guard
rapper (n.) Shadowrunner
spa (adj.) Cool

aduana (n.) Customs station, also whorehouse/bunraku parlor
bestia (n.) Ork or troll, derogatory
colega (n.) Friend, chummer
delgaducho (n.) Elf, derogatory
fostiar (v.) To hit, to do a shadowrun on, also an expletive
joder! (exp.) Drek!
matraca (n.) Automatic weapon
tirao (n., adj.) Low-life
Senor Fernández (n.) Mr. Johnson

Switzerland/French & German
bölimaa, böög (n.) Metahuman, derogatory (lit. "bug-a-boo")
bünzli (n.) Corp-exec
fätze (n.) Orks, trolls, derogatory
finöggel (n.) Elf, derogatory (from the Italian finocchio = "gay")
fränkli (n.) Francs
härdöpfel (n.) Dwarf, derogatory (lit. "potato")
hegel (n.) Street samurai, cybered person (lit. "knife")
kolleg (n.) Chummer
röschti (n.) German Swiss from the SE, derogatory
schmier (n.) Cop
stolle (n.) Corporate building
stützlistäcke (n.) Credstick

Tír na ng/English, Gaelic & Sperethiel
agro (n.) Firefight
Apache (n.) Rigger, joyrider
barrelling (v) Shadowrunning
be dog wide (adv.) Be vigilant, on the lookout
belt (v.) To hit, strike
blow-ins (n.) Foreigners, derogatory
boggin' (adj.) Polluted
buzzies (n.) Celtic druids
claim (v.) To target for a shadowrun
deadly (adj.) Very cool
dodgy (adj.) Risky, unsafe, borderline illegal
Doineann Draoidheil (n.) Mana storms (lit. "standing storms")
Fenian (n.) IRA member or supporter, sometimes derogatory
flog (v.) To sell on the black market
Garda (n.) Police
gouger (n.) Shadowrunner
in-laws (n.) INLA members
lads (n.) IRA members
pixie (n., adj.) Elf, anything under Tir government influence, derogatory
Prionsa (n.) Danaan family steward (li. "prince")
Prod (n., adj.) Protestant
Reach Fuileach (n.) TRC special forces/assassins (lit. "bloody body")
shades (n.) Police
slainte (ep.) Common drinking toast generally meaning "To your health"
snapper (n.) Human, used by elves, derogatory
splash (v.) To blow up, hit, strike at a target
steamed (adj.) Drunk
tirish (adj.) Tir supporter, anything too Irish or Elven or clichéd, derogatory
Tuatha de Danaan (n.) TNO elves (lit. "the artistic people")
whizz (adj.) Junk, derogatory

United Kingdom/English
bagger/baggie (n.) Cop
baldrick (n.) Ork, derogatory
bollocks/bollix (adj.) Rubbish, bulldrek
box/boxed (v.) To kill/dead (respectively)
cosmic (n., adj.) Astral
downtime (n.) Night
jam hole (n.) Hiding place
Ken (n.) Corporate worker, derogatory
morph (n.) Changeling
open (adj.) Crawling with police, unsafe
nob (n., adj.) Noble, derogatory
rags (n.) Cigarettes, also drugs
rak/rakking/rak off (n./adj/v.) Jerk/useless/go away (respectively), derogatory
sandal (n.) Druid
seps (n.) Americans, derogatory
sherlock (n.) Policeman, particularly an investigator or detective, derogatory
The Smoke (n.) London
snag (v.) To arrest
snakeboy (-girl) (n.) Street kid
spill (n.) Toxic zone
spin it (v.) Get out of here
The Squeeze (n.) Lambeth Containment Zone
Templar (n.) Oversight Office Operative
term (n.) Friend, trusted person
tuned up (adj.) Cybered or enhanced by implants
womble (n.) Eco-cell or political movement member, derogatory
wraith (v.) To kill discreetly, assassinate
wupert (n.) Noble, derogatory

United Netherlands/Dutch
beerput (n.) Drekhole
elfje (n.) Elf, derogatory (lit. "little elf, fairy")
heks/heksen (n./adj.) Magician, derogatory (lit. "witch")
jasje dasje (n.) Corporate suit, derogatory (lit. "jacket-and-tie")
kabouter (n.) Dwarf, derogatory
Meneer Jansen (n.) Mr. Johnson
Para (n.) Paranoid person, state of mind
penose (n.) Underworld
randstad (n.) Europort megasprawl (lit. "fringecity")
smeris (n.) Cop, derogatory
vriend (n.) Friend
watergeuzen (n.) Smugglers operating out of the UNL
witte wieven (n.) Term for magical anomalies and/or weather disturbances (lit. "white widows")

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