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A Word From Our Sponsor
Shadowrun is the creation of many people, and obviously not all the information that goes behind the scenes is not public knowledge - here we try and peel back the black curtain and show you a little of what's going on behind the scenes, some design theory behind past and upcoming books, information on what conventions we'll be represented at, and a little bit of intel on the people behind the books. To start with, you can read brief biographies of Rob and Adam, and look at a list of upcoming Events and Conventions that will have official or sponsored Shadowrun events.

A very irregular column from Shadowrun Line Developer Rob Boyle and webmaster Adam Jury.

Submission Guidelines
Everything you need to know to submit items to FanPro:

The Developer's Say
A regular feature since Shadowrun, Third Edition, The Developer's Say is the Line Developers place to do some 'official' talking about the product - a simple introduction, how it came to be, design theories, and that sort of thing. When a book hasn't had a Developer's Say column specifically, we've included the Introduction to give you a sneak peek of what's inside the pages!


  • Shadowrun Third Edition - Mike Mulvihill talks about the "New look, new attitude, new approach, new perspective" of Shadowrun, Third Edition.
  • Cannon Companion - Big Guns are really cool - but killing people is bad!. Mike Mulvihill talks about Cannon Companion's approach to firearms in Shadowrun.
  • Man and Machine: Cyberware - The 'most difficult-to-produce' Shadowrun book ever, according to Mike Mulvihill. Hear why, and also get some handy advice for converting characters from the old rules to the new ones.
  • Magic in the Shadows - Mike Mulvihill discusses how the Shadowrun magic system was reality checked.
  • Matrix - The Introduction to Matrix is a bare-bones rundown of the contents of this book detailing computers and the Matrix.
  • Rigger 3 - - no actual Developer's Say was written for Rigger 3, but we bring you the Introduction as a replacement.
  • Shadowrun Companion (Revised for Third Edition) - An introduction to the book contents and a brief comparison to the Shadowrun Companion for Shadowrun Second Edition.
  • Corporate Download - A brief tour of the latest update on the happenings in the Corporate Sector.
  • New Seattle - A quick introduction to the 2060 update of Shadowrun's prime runner location, the Seattle Metroplex.
  • Target: Matrix - Grids, Hosts, Data Havens, Decker Gangs, oh my! A brief tour of what awaits in Target: Matrix.
  • Year of the Comet - The Sky is Falling! Read the Introduction to Year of the Comet and decide if that's a good or bad thing...
  • Target: Awakened Lands - Awakened Sites, Australia, and mysterious and unpredictable magic - an Introduction to Target: Awakened Lands.
  • Threats 2 - A global update on secret and not-so-secret players in the Sixth World.
  • Shadows of North America - The thirteen countries and city-states in North America in detail, including the dragon-ruled city of Denver and the Native American Nations.
  • Target: Wastelands - From the burning sands of the desert to the north and south tips of the planet to the space stations in the sky, Target: Wastelands goes places only the best runners dare to go.
  • State of the Art: 2063 - Tune into the word on the street in 2063, including Genetech, new metamagic, corporate security, plus the latest news on mercenary operations and mainstream culture.
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