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Who We Are
Shadowrun is now being produced by a small team of mostly freelance workers, and published by Fantasy Productions LLC. Many of the people involved previously worked at FASA or freelanced for FASA, so you're bound to see some familiar faces!

Rob Boyle - Line Developer
Rob Boyle comes into the position of Line Developer after spending many years at FASA, most recently serving as the Assistant Line Developer under Mike Mulvihill. You can read regular columns from Rob in the ShadowTalk section.

Adam Jury - Webmaster
Adam Jury is 21 years old, from Alberta, Canada. He got his start with the Shadowrun online community when he became Assistant Fearless Leader of the ShadowRN Mailing List, and later founded The Shadowrun Supplemental which eventually settled at the mega-resource Dumpshock, which he also helped found. Frequent clawing at the ankles of then-Shadowrun Line Developer Mike Mulvihill got Adam involved with the playtesting of Shadowrun, Third Edition, and from there Adam continued to playtest - and nag about the FASA website - which eventually led to Rob Boyle giving him a call (Well, an e-mail) when Rob became Shadowrun Line Developer under FanPro US.

You can read regular columns from Adam in the ShadowTalk section.

Michelle Lyons - Freelance Editor
Michelle Lyons was an editor for FASA until the corp's untimely demise in the RPG Wars of the early twenty-first century. Following the loss of her Fredonian citizenship, she began life as a freelance operative writing and editing for Wizards of the Coast, White Wolf, Guardians of Order, WizKids and Fantasy Productions, among others. Her Shadowrun writing credits include Target: Matrix, Matrix, Year of the Comet, Threats 2 and Shadows of North America. She currently resides in the portion of the NAN nations known as Oklahoma with David Lyons, her husband and fellow Shadowrun freelancer, and their two children.

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