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GenCon Indy 2004 Tournament - Kyrie Eleison

The heir apparent to the Papal Seat of the Roman Catholic Church is missing. Is foul play at work? This explosive situation has set the Church on the brink of schism. An elite team of investigators has been assembled from the ranks of the clergy to handle the case. Can they find the answer without splitting the Church?

The highlight of FanPro's event schedule returns this year better then ever. In support of the soon to be released Shadows of Europe, the Tournament tackles the political games played within the hallowed walls of Vatican City 2064. Can your team of investigators solve the mystery and save the Church? Or will they be responsible for destroying it?

Take on the role of Church clergy and compete against your fellow Shadowrun fans for prizes, bragging rights, and most importantly fun! This years prizes include trophies, gift certificates, collectibles, and even the opportunity to see one of your own characters in the shadowtalk section of an upcoming supplement. In addition to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team prizes we will be awarding individual prizes for Most Humorous Player, Most Heroic Death, GM Breaking, and many others!

The tournament is a three-day, non-elimination event. Event runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 7pm to 11pm. Event ID is RPG00829. Event cost is $9.

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