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On The Run
On The Run

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition

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March 14th, 2006

On The Run eBook Available!

On the Run is now available as an eBook. On The Run is designed as an introduction to Shadowrun, Fourth Edition and gamemastering in general, and contains plenty of tips to help you run the game. It’s also the first part in a series of Fourth Edition adventures.

Two older FASA books are also newly available as eBooks:

  • Aztlan, which covers the people, history, economy and current affairs of the nation of Aztlan, including details on Aztechnology Corporation, the unusual magic practiced by Aztlaner citizens, and the Yucatán conflict. We’ve also made the 2 page map of Tenochtitlán from Aztlan available as a free download!
  • Corporate Punishment is a set of three adventures designed for Shadowrun, Third Edition.


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March 8th, 2006

Shadowrun Missions Fourth Edition Style!

The first adventure for the Shadowrun Missions Fourth Edition campaign is now available for free download: SRM02-01: Parliament of Thieves. There’s also a feedback form so you can submit your adventure results to the Missions coordinator — the download/feedback page has some minor spoilers, so don’t click on it if you plan on playing the adventure!

Parliament of Thieves is the place to start running an official Shadowrun Missions campaign, whether you play at home, your local gaming store, or at conventions!

March 5th, 2006

On The Run Final Cover and Price Change

The final On the Run cover is now online, and the book is at press. We originally projected On the Run to be 64 pages, but in the end it’s slimmed down to 56 pages, so we’ve also slimmed the price down to $12.99.

Cover art by Shane Coppage, cover design by Jason Vargas:
OTR Cover by Shane Coppage

March 1st, 2006

On the Run Art Preview

On the Run is the first adventure for SR4. Here’s a quick preview of some of the artwork for it:

Two by by Mike Rooth:
Smiley by Mike Rooth

Delphia by Mike Rooth

One by Klaus Scherwinski:
by Klaus Scherwinski

and one by John Gravato:
Finale by John Gravato

and finally the cover art, by Shane Coppage:
OTR Cover by Shane Coppage

February 26th, 2006

Three New Shadowrun eBooks

We have three new Shadowrun eBooks available — Year of the Comet, the first ever FanPro LLC title, detailing the events of 2061 and the 50th anniversary of the Awakening; Man & Machine, the Third Edition body modificaiton book featuring cyberware, bioware, nanotechnology, surgery and more; and Mr. Johnson’s Little Black Book, full of GMing advice, non-player characters, adventure hooks, and locations.

If you already have and like Mr. Johnson’s Little Black Book, you may be interested in the First Edition book Sprawl Sites, which includes archetypal locations [with maps!], non-player characters, and hundreds of plot hooks.


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