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A few answers regarding SR4

In the aim of starting an SR4 FAQ, here are answers to a few of the questions we’ve received or seen posted on forums:

Q. What does this mean for my old books?
A. SR4 is a new rules set — simpler, streamlined, and more accessible, but new rules nonetheless. That means SR1, SR2, and SR3 rules will be obsolete in the new system. Source material, however — meaning background, plot, and world info — will still be relevant. We are advancing the timeline a slight bit in order to account for some new technology, but not so far as to completely sever ourselves from ongoing plots.

So … this means that core rulebooks like SR3, Magic in the Shadows, Cannon Companion, Man & Machine, Rigger 3, etc. will no longer be useful, unless you want to keep playing SR3. Any books that are primarily source material will still be useful.

Q. Are you killing the SR3 stories?
A. Some. Many of the major plotlines we have had ongoing for years will reach a climax or even an end in the upcoming System Failure book. A few others may be relegated to obscurity in the jump to 2070. But others will continue forward, mutating into new post-2070 plotlines in SR4.

Q. Are deckers called hackers in SR4?
A. Yes. We’re eliminating the clunky old cyberdeck in SR4, and with no ‘deck, it doesn’t make much sense to call them deckers. So we’re back to calling them hackers, since that’s what they do. (And, yes, we are aware that some hackers out there don’t like having the term associated with illegal activities — and SR hackers will primarily be criminals, like other runners. Realistically, however, “hacking” is the term used for exploring, learning, and exploiting, whether it’s legal or not, so it fits.)

Oh, and BTW — the product code for SR4 is 26000. Sorry about the extra zero, it was as close as I could get.

Q. What organs must I donate to become a playtester?
A. We’re chock full on extra organs right now, but thanks for the offer (I hear Tamanous is buying, though). We also have all of the playtesters we really need at this time. Sorry!

Keep posted for more SR4 answers next week!

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