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FanPro announces Cyberpirates! of the Caribbean Coast Constructible Strategy Game & RPG!

In 1997, FASA dropped Cyberpirates! on the roleplaying world. Flash forward to 2007, and FanPro is taking Cyberpirates! to a whole new level with Cyberpirates! of the Caribbean Coast Constructible Strategy Game & RPG!. CP!CCCSGRPG developer Adam Jury says “We’ve had our eyes on doing something new with Cyberpirates for awhile. I mean, that book was huge, and there are a lot of hidden gems in it.” Shadowrun line developer Rob Boyle adds “Not to mention some of the stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor at FASA. Whoah nelly!”

CP!CCCSGRPG is a fast-paced and wild game of competing pirate crews. Play occurs in three zones: Scope, Raid, and Fence. Your team first needs to analyze the playing field and gather intel on shipments and their value, then outfit their krew appropriately [Scope], then they sail into town the 2070 way — full throttle — and claim their booty [Raid], before finally trading their ill-gotten booty for other gear, information, or cold, hard nuyen. [Fence]” says Adam. “Look, if you call it ‘cold, hard, nuyen’ again, I’m going to let Robyn develop this game, and you can clean my office, AGAIN. Enough cliches!” adds Boyle.

“He always gets that way during playtest time.” continues Adam “Anyway, that’s the game in a nutshell. The base set will have over 30 different character cards that you can use to create your dreaded pirate krew, and then there will be plenty of gear, including customizable boats and aircraft to outfit them with — and, of course, to steal. There’s 150 cards in the base set, total.”

“But here’s the best part! Five of those cards, the Best Booty cards, are also usable in the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition RPG. If you, as a player, own any of the Best Booty cards, you can use them in ANY Shadowrun game, and the GM cannot deny you! This card is even usable in Shadowrun Missions games and the Shadowrun Tournament at GenCon Indy. Okay. So that’s not really the best part. This is the best part: you don’t have to tell the GM in advance that you have the card. It’s your ultimate trump, when you reveal to the GM that yes, you really do have a Panther Cannon hidden in your pocket, you’re not happy to see him, and he doesn’t have any Edge to burn.”

FanPro will be offering fans an exclusive chance to win complete preview sets — the “Fattest Loot Edition” at GenCon Indy at their first ever FanPro Pirate Karaoke Party!

Cyberpirates! of the Caribbean Coast Constructible Strategy Game & RPG will be sold in 5 card booster packs, each containing a random mix chaos on the high seas! Available in January 2007.

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