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Origins and GenCon Convention Schedules

We’ve posted PDF versions of the Shadowrun game schedules for Origins and GenCon. Event registration for GenCon has already started and Shadowrun events are selling out fast, so if you haven’t registered for games yet, don’t delay!

Shadowrun Missions is the FanPro sanctioned “living” campaign set in the Sixth World, where you create your own character and can participate in any sanctioned Shadowrun Missions event with them — at conventions, your local game store, or even your own home-run Missions campaign.

The Missions crew are running several special events this year, but most notable is Shadowrun Missions Scramble!:

Mr. Johnson has put out a call to the Shadows of Denver — he needs every ‘runner available to prevent all out war in the shadows. A one time only Shadowrun Missions BYOC Interactive, with unique campaign rewards. Costumes encouraged!

The Shadowrun Missions Scramble! will be a combination of a traditional Shadowrun tabletop scenario and a LARP-like interactive session. During the first portion of the event, players will be meeting with Mr. Johnson at the Lakeside Amusement Park Casino in the PCC. While there, they’ll be able to gamble, and engage in many of the amusements to be found in the finest gambling facility owned by the Chavez mafia. All the while, characters will have an opportunity to explore the plots and subplots of the criminal organizations at work. Including those of their fellow shadowrunners.

This scenario provides a peek into the background of Denver’s criminal underbelly. Exploring themes from earlier Shadowrun Missions, and granting a glimpse into upcoming events.

Unique prizes will be awarded to Missions characters. These will include a focus believed to have been part of Dunkelzahn’s horde, a program secured from Mitsuhama’s labs, an appointment with an Evo clinic, and an armament fresh from Ares testing facility. Of course, there’ll also be the Nuyen.

This is a one-time run event, created by a collaboration between the Shadowrun Missions writing team and the FanPro convention team. If you enjoy the campaign, you really won’t want to miss this.

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