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FanPro Announces Shadowrun, Fifth Edition!

In consideration of the feedback we’ve received for the still-unreleased Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, we’ve decided to go ahead and announce our plans for an upgrade to the SR4 rules set, to be released in September 2005. This magical new edition will somehow fix everything wrong with the game without actually changing anything about it! All illustrations will also be anatomically correct! In addition, we will compile all of the advanced rules material and include it in the core rulebook, so you’ll have it all in one place: at 800 pages, the $150 cover price is a bargain! And with this 10-pound brick in your hand, your players will think twice before arguing with the gamemaster again! As a special bonus, we’ll even throw in a limited edition piece of orichalcum we recovered from the secret FASA vaults. And if you don’t stop playing SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4 as soon as we release it, we’ll hunt you down and kill you.

Oh, and did we mention it will be D20?

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