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SR4 FAQ, Part Three

Q. Will SR4 still use six-sided dice?
A. Yes.

Q. Will SR4 still have Dice Pools?
A. Yes, but not in the same sense as SR3. In SR4, any time you make a test, the dice you roll are considered your dice pool. Dice pools consist of skill + attribute, +/- any modifiers.
The Dice Pools from SR3-Combat, Hacking, Control, Magic-no longer exist in SR4.

Q. What is the basic mechanic?
A. Basic success tests are made rolling your dice pool against a fixed target number of 5. The target number never changes. So each 5 or 6 that you roll equals a “hit.” Success is determined by the number of hits rolled. More difficult tests require a higher number of hits to succeed.

Q. What are the average ratings for skills and attributes?
A. Skills and attributes range from 1 to 6, with 3 being average. So an average skill, average attribute dice pool is 6 dice. Purchasing above-average attributes and skills is limited at character creation and generally expensive. 6 is the maximum natural rating for attributes (before racial modifiers are applied).

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