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Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition

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SR4 FAQ, Part Six

Q. Is it going to be hardcover?
A. Indeed it is

Q. Will it be full color?
A. No, but it won’t be just black and white either.

Q. Is there going to be a super-swanky limited edition? How will it be different? Will it be available online?
A. We will also be releasing a limited edition at GenCon 2005. The limited edition will be specially-bound, foil-stamped, and individually numbered (limited run of a 1000). It also features an extra 8 pages – a fiction piece written by Robyn “Rat” King-Nitschke.
The LE will be available through *some* retailers and distributors (if you want it, ask your local shop to order it!). It will also be available online through Studio 2 Publishing and BattleCorps.

Q. Will SR4 and the limited edition be available for pre-order?
A. Yes, through Studio 2 Publishing and BattleCorps.

Q. Will there be Quick-Start Rules?
A. Yes, we are assembling a PDF of SR4 Quick Start Rules that will be available for free download sometime after GenCon.

Q. What SR4 sourcebooks will follow the main rulebook?
A. The first SR4 support product will be the Shadowrun Fourth Edition Gamemaster’s Screen (Which will include a small booklet of plot hooks, contacts, and other info for a GM). Following that will be On the Run, an introductory adventure. You will also see an SR4 Character Dossier.
From there, we’ll be moving on to Runner Havens, the first core setting book. This will focus on both Seattle and Hong Kong in 2070, as centers of shadowrunning activity. It will also touch on a few other locations, and discuss how you can adopt any setting as a shadowrunner haven.
Following that will be Street Magic, the advanced magic rulebook for SR4. In addition to advanced rules, it will contain source material on Awakened affairs in 2070.

Q. How complete is the new main rule book going to be? How much of the old rules will be in it? (metamagic, program writing, initiation, bioware, nanotechnology, etc.)?
A. Shadowrun Fourth Edition will be more complete than Shadowrun Third Edition; however, there’s no way to cram 5+ book’s worth of material into a single volume, even with the streamlined rules in SR4. You will be surprised, however, by how much we did fit in, including: qualities (formerly Edges & Flaws), bioware, initiation and submersion, a selection of critters, and more.

Q. Will there be a Shadowrun Companion again, or will all the material (metavariants, advanced athletics, GM advice, etc) be implemented in the core rulebook?
A. Some of the material from the Shadowrun Companion made its way into SR4 — Athletics rules, for example. Metavariants, alternative campaign settings, and detailed GM advice will be included in separate books for SR players and GMs later down the line.

Q. Will a PDF of SR4 be available?
A. Yes, the SR4 PDF will go on sale next Wednesday. It wil be available both through BattleCorps and DriveThruRPG.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned, as we have some more information and previews planned over the next week!

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