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Runner Havens
Runner Havens

Revised Shadowrun, Fourth Edition eBook Available

A new version of the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition eBook has been given to BattleCorps and DriveThruRPG. All new sales will be of the revised eBook, which has the following new features:

  • Better compatability with Acrobat/Adobe Reader 6 and Preview for OS X.
  • Resolution changes - the color borders are now lower-res, while the greyscale artwork is higher-res.
  • The map in the back is higher-res.

The eBook is available from both BattleCorps and DriveThruRPG at the same price — $25. Additionally, BattleCorps is offering a “Print and Pre-Order” bundle where you get the PDF now, and the printed book when it ships.

  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition eBook at DriveThruRPG
  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition eBook at BattleCorps
  • Shadowrun, Fourth Edition eBook + Print Pre-Order at BattleCorps

If you have already purchased the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition eBook and want the updated version: instructions will be [or already have been] emailed to you from DriveThruRPG and BattleCorps. If you haven’t seen the email yet, double-check that your email client or service has not categorized the mail as spam/junk mail! If you have questions regarding the update process, please use the contact information/forms on their websites.

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