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It’s Time To Plan for National Games Week 2005!

FanPro is supporting National Games Week this year! Please visit for more information! A full press release is below:

We are supporting National Games Week, and hope you will also. It is November 20-26, so this is the time to start planning for your celebration. National Games Week is your event- an entire week to celebrate playing games, and show your friends, family, and classmates, the great games now available. You, who already know how fun games are, are our best Ambassador.

Join Now-It’s Easy, and Free. Go to to join. Then schedule your own Games Day. Lots of resources are available to support your event.

Afterwards, let NGW know how things went!

National Games Week is the fourth week of November, when families and friends are coming together. It is a perfect time to play games. We are big supporters of this weeklong celebration of games.

What National Games Week Is
NGW is a coordinated nationwide promotional campaign to raise awareness of games as positive, social entertainment. The industry and game players will achieve this together, by creating a weeklong series of events that get people’s attention- a celebration of games. Last year there were over 2,600 events,. This year over 10,000 events are expected, worldwide. The staff of Games Quarterly is the coordinators. NGW even has its own official U.S. postage stamp! This year the celebration has expanded to worldwide.

Host Your Own Event
NGW events will take place in homes, schools, faith communities, colleges, community centers and stores. Game stores will run lots of events you can participate in, but otherwise events will be run when people such as you decide to take up the challenge. You have a keen interest in games and therefore are our best ambassador-we hope you will decide to Host a Games Day during National Games Week, invite friends and family, gamer and non-gamer alike. The more people that hear the message the more new game players there will be.

Make your own event wherever you like, and invite lots of people. Or, contact your local game retailer to find out what events they are going to run-they might even want your help with their events.

NGW Provides The Tools To You
You are going to be provided with the tools to make a fun, successful event- posters, invitation cards, official stamps, and information for teachers, even promotional copies of great games. The NGW web site is On this site you can get lots of information. Then, should you decide to become a member of National Games Week (there is no fee), you can log in to the secure part of the web site and find all sorts of resources that you can order. Some are free, some have a shipping and handling charge, while others have a minimal cost. Stock up on all the supplies you need, including promotional packages of products from the publishers themselves.

During your Games Day be sure to have both your favorite games and some games suitable for newcomers. Be prepared to teach the games to them so they can start enjoying games right away.

For Educators
On the NGW web site there is lots of information plus some special resources for your Games Day at school. Also, this year Games Quarterly Magazine issued an entire special edition on using games in the classroom-you can download the special edition on the NGW web site, or order a printed copy. You can also get a How To Host a Games Day kit at no cost, by ordering it on the web site.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate games than National Games Week. Let’s do this as a team!


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