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Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition

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FanPro Announces Shadowrun Fourth Edition!

Experience the Sixth World as you’ve never seen it before!

If you think you’ve played Shadowrun before ­think again!

In August 2005, Shadowrun gets a new edition for the 21st century ­and beyond! The Fourth Edition of this highly successful cyberpunk-fantasy game still has the same high-tech, low-life mix of man, magic and machine that has made Shadowrun one of the top-selling roleplaying games of all time, along with many new features:

  • The core mechanics are completely revised to be simpler and more streamlined for quicker, easier and more consistent play.
    Matrix 2.0! An all-new level of wireless “augmented reality” overlays the real world, unleashing hackers to be mobile digital wizards.
  • The year is 2070 ­five years since the System Failure took down the old Matrix, nine years since the passing of the comet unleashed wild and unexplained magic in the world. The Sixth World has changed. Some of the players are familiar, but there are new faces­and new forces­at work in the shadows.
  • Complete rules and world information in one volume ­ playable the day you buy the book!

With an all-new graphic look and streamlined rules, Shadowrun is still the game you love ­only better! Humans, dwarfs, elves, orks and trolls use bleeding-edge technology and magic to survive the mean streets of tomorrow, while sprawl-dwelling shadowrunners dart their way through a dystopian future ruled by megacorporations.

The year is 2070. The world is not only Awakened ­it’s wired. Cyber and bioware implants make your meat body better-than-flesh, while the wireless Matrix enhances your perceptions with hyper-real senses. Deals are made in steel and lead more often than gold or nuyen; success and failure live only a razor’s edge apart. Creatures of myth and legend walk the streets, while the arcane skills of spellslingers are in high demand. Above it all, monolithic megacorps bleed the world dry, sabotaging each other in covert cutthroat competition as they go to war over the bottom line.

You’re a shadowrunner, a street operative, scratching out a living on the mean sprawl streets. You may be human, elf, dwarf, ork or troll. From lethal street samurai to well-connected info brokers, spell-slinging mages or code-cracking hackers. No matter what, you’re a professional ­corporate pawn or “deniable asset,” you get the job done.

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition offers a completely new rules system that is simple, integrated and accessible. The state-of-the-art has also been advanced, introducing a new level of augmented reality, new gear, new magical discoveries, and more.

This hardcover rulebook contains all the rules gamemasters and players need to create characters and ongoing adventures set in the popular Shadowrun universe. Note that the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition will replace the Shadowrun, Third Edition rules set. Source material from previous editions will still be compatible.

Releasing August 2005

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