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Art Submission Guidelines
FanPro has a sizable stable of freelance artists that we regularly use to illustrate Shadowrun products. We do, however, keep our eye out for new talent. If you are interested in illustrating Shadowrun books, use the follow guidelines to submit your artwork for consideration. General Guidelines

  1. Do not send original artwork! By "original" we mean the actual drawings themselves, please send copies of the art.
  2. Please print or type your name, address, phone number, email address and web page on all submissions.
  3. Mark your submission "Attention: Shadowrun Art Director."
Black & White Artwork
  1. Send 7 to 10 quality reproductions that accurately represent your work. These may be in the form of photocopies, tear-sheets, etc.
  2. Pen & Ink is preferred, but all media will be considered.
Color Artwork
  1. Send 5 to 10 quality reproductions that accurately represent your work. Samples may be in the form of photographs, tear-sheets, prints, etc.
Computer Artwork
  1. Computer artwork may submitted in any of the above forms.
Additional Notes
  1. If you feature you artwork on a website, you may simply send us the URL for review.
  2. All submissions will be reviewed. If we have the time and you include an email address, we will attempt to get back to you. In most cases, however, we will only contact you if we decide we would like to use you on a project.
  3. Do not send artwork on computers disks or as email attachments unless directed to do so.
  4. Submissions will not be returned.
Send Submissions To:
FanPro LLC
1608 N. Milwaukee
Suite 1005
Chicago, IL 60647
Attn: Shadowrun Art Director
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