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Shadows of Asia
Product ID: 25007
Price: 29.99
Pages: 224
ISBN: 1-932564-22-5
EAN: 9781932564228
Developer: Rob Boyle
Authors: Multi-Author
Cover Artist: Marc Sasso
Status: Available (First Printing)
Shadows of Asia

Shadows of Asia
Tradition vs. Progress
"Asia. The East. A land of contrasts, from glittering megacorp skyscrapers to humble sacred temples. Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong set the world's accelerated pace of progress, but next door in Indochina and Indonesia it's still last century. It's a mystery to most, but if you know your drek, youll find it's a land of opportunity. Anything you want is here. Cred. Gear. Flesh. Hell, I even heard of a guy finding Enlightement. Theres always a price, of course, whether it's selling your soul to the corps of your sister to the slave trade."

Shadows of Asia provides information on each country in Asia, from the internal strife of the Middle East to the enlightened new Japan, from the struggle for power in Russia to the war-torn jungles of Indochina. The important underworld figures, corps, crime outfits and political leaders for each nation are described, along with maps and details on the unique outlook of Asian magical traditions. For use with the Shadowrun roleplaying game.

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