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Shadows of Latin America
Product ID: 25011
Developer: Rob Boyle
Authors: Multi-Author

Shadows of Latin America
Can you stand the heat?
"You'll be sweating bullets if get caught in the crossfire between Amazonia and Aztlan-and you'll need that extra ammo. Latin America is no vacation spot, gringo. Even if you avoid those juggernauts, you'll still be running against Caribbean pirates, drug-dealing Ghost Cartels, Old World dictatorships and communist revolutionaries-and whatever you do, stay out of the jungle."

Shadows of Latin America explores the many countries and territories of Central and South America in the world of Shadowrun. Each profile includes details on location hot spots, government and corporate rulers, the criminal underground and religious factions. It provides extensive updates on the Awakened nations of Azlan and Amazonia, as well as a selection of paranormal flor and fauna to be found in the deep jungles.

Many of you have wondered what ever happened to Shadows of Latin America, which was originally on our schedule for release before SR4. Unfortunately, due to several unexpected delays and problems, it became clear to us that we were not going to be able to release SOLA before SR4, and the decision was made not to release it in print form, but as a PDF instead. Appropriately enough, a new website fiction subscription called Holostreets has been in the works (see press release below)-similar to BattleCorps but for Shadowrun-so we are happy to announce that you will see SOLA released as a set of free serial downloads as a promotion for Holostreets.

Here’s the press release for Holostreets:

InMediaRes Productions, LLC, creators of the popular community website for Classic BattleTech, is in the final stages of negotiating a similar license for the Shadowrun intellectual property.

Called “Holostreets,” this online community expects to be live and running within the next year.

“Holostreets will provide incredible support for the Shadowrun universe,” Loren Coleman, author and one founder of InMediaRes Productions, promises.

“While the success of BattleCorps provides a good template, Holostreets will introduce key differences to support the unique nature of Shadowrun and its community. One of those key differences will be a heavier emphasis on canon source material, as opposed to straight fiction. For example, we are very pleased to announce—after coming to an agreement with Rob Boyle, the Shadowrun Line Developer—that as our static preview site launches in the near future, sections of Shadows of Latin America will slowly be introduced for free download; a great sampler of canon source material to come once the full site launches. This is just one of the great, unique services that the site will provide for the Shadowrun community, as it works closely with FanPro and its new line of Shadowrun Fourth Edition products.” The exact amount of emphasis to place on fiction and in-game support is still under development.

The formal announcement came at GenCon 2005, where the name was unveiled and the first promotional items were released in support of this project. T-shirts bearing the Holostreets logo on the back and the new Shadowrun Fourth Edition logo (or the logo and cover art) on the front were hot items at the FanPro booth.

An email sign-up list has been created at for those who want immediate news regarding the website’s development.

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