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Upcoming Products

There are a handful of Shadowrun, Fourth Edition products that are upcoming but do not yet have their own page on the site. Briefly, they are:

Arsenal: The guns, gear, vehicles, equipment, and other-combat-stuff book for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. As of late 2006, Arsenal is in editing/playesting for First Quarter 2007 release.

Corporate Enclaves: In 2070, "The Man" can be either corporate or government ... and in some cases, it's both. Corporate Enclaves covers cities that are controlled by megacorporations: Neo-Tokyo and Los Angeles are covered in detail, with smaller sections on Dubai, Tenochtitlan, New York, Nairobi, and Europort. Corporate Enclaves is scheduled for a First Quarter 2007 release.

Augmentation: The cyberware, bioware, genetech, nanotech, and ways-to-make-your-body-and-mind-better book for Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. As of late 2006, Augmentation is in editing/playesting for a Second Quarter 2007 release.

Totally Unnamed Plot Book: We know what's going to happen, but we don't know what we're calling it, and until you've dealt with Emergence, we probably shouldn't tell you too much ...

Unwired: Unwired takes a deeper look at hackers in 2070, and how they use the wireless Matrix to manipulate both computers and vehicles. Unwired is scheduled as a 4Q 2007 release.

Shadowrun Fourth Edition
Shadowrun Fourth Edition

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